Morrisons Nantwich, pic by Rept0n1x under creative commons licence

Dear Editor,

The sale of Morrisons shows how valuable the business is, yet the supermarket continues to undervalue its shop floor workers.

If Clayton, Dubilier & Rice are willing to invest £7.1 billion in the supermarket, clearly they believe in the strength of the business.

Which begs the question, why does Morrisons continue to pay shop floor workers less than staff in its distribution centres?

Leigh Day represents approximately 2,500 Morrisons shop floor workers in equal pay claims.

We believe the employees are the backbone of the company and so it makes sense that the supermarket should invest in them.

A supermarket is nothing without the people who work hard every day to ensure it runs smoothly and are the public face of the company.

We hope that the new owners feel the same and bring an end to the equal pay dispute by paying shop floor workers what they are worth.


Emma Satyamurti
Partner at Leigh Day

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