Trees chopped in chainsaw massacre (1)

Dear Editor,
I had hoped that the few remaining mature trees, on the River Weaver riverbank and adjacent to the redevelopment of the former gasworks off Welsh Row in Nantwich, would be spared the cull.

Unfortunately, I was shocked and saddened in recent days to see that all the trees have been given the chop and are only now represented by their stumps.

I welcome the new investment in the town that this mixed-use riverside development with its hotel, apartments, shops, business units and additional parking facilities will provide.

However, I had thought it would be sensible to retain the trees as a landscape feature and to prevent potential future flooding.

I guess this is the price of progress.


Jonathan White

Trees chopped in chainsaw massacre - remaining stumps (1)
Trees chopped in – remaining stumps


  1. For every tree chopped there should be three more added to mill island or should I say ten more to ensure the yobbos of the area don’t destroy them

  2. There’s no room for sentiment (or common sense) in big business!

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