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Dear Editor,
I’m sure you are sick of Covid as much as the rest of us.

But I went for a pcr test in Crewe yesterday with my 14-year-old as it’s been Xmas.

It was very busy, nobody at the centre’s fault, and the queue was up to the entrance of the Crosville Club.

There was a man with his baby in arms in front of me. The child had been sent by an A&E doctor after seeing them the evening before for an ear infection.

I said I’d hold his place as I’m sure there would be priority for a child so young.

But I was shocked to see him return.

We were into our 90th minute of waiting when a mum on her own with a distressed child was in the queue ahead of us.

The child was obviously extremely ill and the mum was crying and she needed the child testing. The little girl was coughing showing signs of sickness.

I was not near the woman to help so went to the marshal and asked if he could make an exception and get the poor child tested and home.

But he said he couldn’t but did get the manager who thankfully let the lady jump the queue.

In all, I spent two hours and 20 minutes in that queue and in that time I saw three under 3s and a coughing lady in a wheelchair.

Unfortunately I’ve seen more people been told to go before them in Aldi!

I was disgusted with the fact there was no priority for the very young and elderly and of people being so selfish to watch that poor child in such a distressed state.

I’d like to know how we could change this. We have priority queuing in Alton Towers and airports, these three children were vulnerable and sick and can’t wear masks.

Would it have made much if any difference to us in that queue to get them in and out first?

I just hope there illness’s haven’t deteriorated from been kept in the queue heart breaking.


From Crewe


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’m also very puzzled why there is no walk in vaccination centres in Crewe- this is why take up rates in Crewe central are so low.

  2. I agree there is a woeful lack of thought at these centres, they should only be by appointment and special provision for the vulnerable including elderly and disabled that queued with me for over two hours without a seat in sight this weather

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