climate change - flooding in nantwich

Councillors in Nantwich are to create a Climate Change Working Party after declaring a Climate Emergency on behalf of the town.

Councillors say it is in recognition of the climate and environment crisis facing the world.

Nantwich has been hit by extreme weather conditions causing flooding in recent years.

The new Climate Change Working Party (CCWP) will include two Town councillors and key figures from the community.

It will be tasked with considering the climate change impact on Nantwich and bring forward recommendations for actions to reduce the carbon footprint of the council and the town.

The Town Council also says it will review its actions within the “Strategic Corporate Plan” which forms the Town Council’s plans to 2023.

Cllr Stuart Bostock, Mayor of Nantwich and member of the CCWP, said: “I am delighted that councillors voted in favour of declaring a climate emergency.

“There are voluntary groups forming in the town keen to work towards a sustainable future, such as Sustainable Nantwich.

“And it is so important that Nantwich Town Council and the community come together so that as a town we can do whatever we can to help solve this world situation which will affect us all.”

FLOODS in Nantwich
Floods in Nantwich


  1. The simple thing missing from all these new houses is the scant regard to planting of trees and hedges if all those awful blocks of wooden fencing were replaced with natural native hedges and many trees around the area it would help with the problem of flooding and blend in the stark bricks to the natural environment

  2. Where do think your SW actually goes to ?

  3. Martin Bond says:

    Hopefully they can do something about the heavy car usage in the town. How about turning the whole town into a car free zone?

  4. John Doherty says:

    How has building on flood plains helped their strategy thus far. How does the park and ride proposal help ,

  5. John Cheshire says:

    River Weaver Flooding – Have the Developers of Kingsbourne Village undertaken the flood plain loss mitigation measures that were a requirement of the Planning Permission?
    Cheshire East Council and the Environment Agency either cannot, or will not tell me!

  6. Joe Bloggs says:

    Might help if they stopped building houses on flood plains…..

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