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Everyone would like to win the Lottery.

We all would like to hit it big and float away on a sea of cash.

Until recent years, the choice of lotteries you could bet on was limited based on where you live.

This was the story for the famous Irish Lottery and the UK Lotto.

Now thanks to technology, people in countries around the world can play the Irish Lottery online.

This well-loved game is now even more popular and has more fans than ever before.

Some people have never tried the Irish Lottery and reach for the UK Lotto button instinctively.

Both of these lotteries are exciting and well-known. Both are easy to play.

Each can be played online globally with fixed-odds betting. Betting online is multinational.

This eliminates the need to live in a particular area or purchase paper tickets. With fixed-odds betting, punters bet on the outcome of the game.

The games are the same, but they are played digitally, and prizes are paid directly into the winners account.

Choosing a favorite Lottery is a personal decision, but all lotteries are not created equally.

This article will explain why some experts believe that the Irish Lottery is better than the UK Lotto.

For either of these lotteries, you will select six numbers.

You can pick them manually from the grid or allow the computer to fill them in for you randomly.

For the UK Lotto, you will choose between 1 and 59.

The number selection for the Irish Lottery is between 1 and 47. Each bet is £2.

The Irish Lottery requires a minimum of two lines.

It offers a Plus 1 and Plus 2 option.

This means for an additional £1 per line (minimum of 2 lines) you are entered for additional draws.

With the Plus options, you get three additional chances to win.

Why the Irish Lottery is better
The UK Lotto has a prize cap of £50 million. The Irish Lottery has a prize cap of £19 million.

So how does that make the Irish Lottery better? It’s all in the odds.

You have a one in 45 million chance of winning the UK Lotto.

Those odds drop to one in 10 million for the Irish Lottery.

That means you are five times more likely to win the Irish Lottery.

Further, one in every 29 games of the Irish Lottery wins something.

It could be a lower prize amount, or it could be a jackpot.

If you play the Irish Lottery once per week, you could conceivably bring home a prize from this game twice in a year.

The massive amount of money from the UK Lottery (if you win) is overwhelming to many winners.

They sometimes get the mistaken idea that they will never run out of money. Of course, this is not true.

Often because of that thought process, winners of the UK Lottery will blow through their winnings in a few years.

The smaller jackpot of the Irish Lottery is a realistic number.

While it is a huge amount of cash, people tend to work harder to manage it and invest the money.

A wise winner can easily make their Irish Lottery jackpot last a lifetime.

Winning tip
With the odds in your favour, you have a good chance of winning prizes in the Irish Lottery.

To give you a little more of an edge, join a syndicate. Syndicates win 20% of all the jackpots in the lotteries.

A syndicate is simply a group of people who bet together.

They split the cost of the bets so they can bet on more lines. Prizes are shared between members.

How do you play the Irish Lottery online?
It is easy to bet on the Irish Lottery online.

Click the link at the top of this article to access the site.

● Set up or Sign in to your account
● Verify your account is funded
○ add funds if necessary to place the number of bets you want to place
● Click on the tab marked “Irish Lottery.”
● Select six numbers between 1 and 47
○ Select manually using the grid (or)
○ Allow the system to choose random numbers for you
○ The cost is €2 per line with a minimum of 2 lines
● Tick to bet on Lotto plus one and Lotto plus two if desired
○ The price for the addition is €1 per line
● Review your information
● Click “submit”

You will receive an email confirming your bet.

If you match the numbers drawn, you will get another email to advise you of your win.

That is all there is to it. You are now in the Irish Lottery game.

Now, you can sit back and wait for the draw.

Playing the Irish Lottery online is fun and exciting.

There is no comparison between this and other lotteries.

The Irish Lottery is designed to make winners.

You might call that the “Luck of the Irish.” but we just call it smart.

Don’t wait. Play the Irish Lottery online today.

(Image courtesy of jackmac34  on Pixabay free to use)

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