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Poor posture can have a significant and debilitating impact on your life.

Neck and back pain might stop you from doing the things you love.

They can also interrupt your sleep at night, which may well have a knock-on effect on your daily concentration.

Poor concentration could lead to an error at work – you can start to see the kind of spiral we’re talking about.

Luckily there are some pretty simple steps you can take to make sure your posture remains perfect – and that these issues never strike.

Sit correctly
This is important if you work behind a desk, and it’s become all the more vital in the era of increased working from home – with many unable to afford proper office equipment off their own back.

Some employers have given their staff access to office equipment or allowances to invest in ergonomic kit, be it special chairs, back supports, footstools or more.

If you need an ergonomic desk chair and other items to protect your physical wellbeing but you’re struggling for cash, short term loans could help you afford the appropriate equipment if your employer won’t supply it.

But be sure that you can afford the repayments if you do choose to take out credit.

Stretch regularly
Stretching your arms, neck and back will relieve tension that builds up over a working day, but don’t neglect standing up and stretching your legs too.

Your hamstrings, in particular, are connected to your back’s strength and allowing your legs to stiffen
up will soon have a knock-on effect on your spinal health.

Taking five minutes out twice a day on either side of your lunch break should keep you feeling fresh and concentrated throughout the working day.

Use screens and devices at eye level
Another vital piece of kit to look into is a laptop stand that will put its screen up at eye level.

Also, ensure that any additional screens are at eye level as well.

Constantly looking down throughout a working day extends your neck and throws off your entire posture – staying in this sub-optimal position throughout a working day could lead to aches and pains, as well as damaging curvatures in your spine.

Having what you need to see at eye level will make it easier for you to sit with a straight back and remain healthy.

Don’t sit down all day
No matter how busy your working day is, make sure to take some time for yourself – be it during a designated break or after you’re done.

Getting up on your feet and taking in some exercise is vital for shaking off the rust that builds up from a day sitting behind a desk.

That exercise could be something as sedate as a short walk or as punishing as a HIIT class – it’s up to you!

(Pixahive image licence free by Sukhjinder)

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