Barony Park in Nantwich - not Parkrun and perimeter

A “Not Parkrun” is set to take place on Barony Park in Nantwich tomorrow (Saturday March 19).

Organiser Paul McIntyre says the run will be on surrounding public paths from 9am where people will be encouraged to independently run or walk three miles.

Paul hopes it will show there is “local appetite” to get a perimeter path completed around the Barony.

People can run or walk 5km around the Barony and along Sandford Road.

Record the time on your own device then load it to

Paul said: “This run is posted just by me and is not a part of any local club, organisation or other individual.

“It is not a formally organised event and people complete it as they choose.

“It is held on public paths where anyone has access.

“There will be no cones, markers, flyers, timing systems, money, or anything you might see at an organised event – it is “turn up on the park and run” in its purest form.

“The run is on Facebook and publicly available.

“We have some interest already… I expect numbers to grow as the weather improves and the word gets around.

“A nice spring morning is forecast by the Met Office, the daffodils and crocuses are out so it’s a pleasant, free and healthy way for people to start their weekend.

“Take photos and get some bodies behind the case to get a perimeter path around the Barony so that Nantwich can apply for a Parkrun of its own!”

Paul said he starts on the corner opposite the tractor garage and finishes just on Sandford Road.

“After that I walk to B&M where there’s a trailer selling hot chocolate!

“I’m trying to do this on the third Saturday of a month and hope to see numbers climb.

“If we want this in our town then let’s get people behind it. Remember to put safety first and be respectful to others also using the route.”

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