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Seven kittens with colourful names will soon be looking for homes after being cared for at RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre and Cattery in Nantwich.

Staff have launched a search to find homes for these cuddly bundles of joy, while also reminding cat owners about the importance of getting their pets neutered!

The kittens’ mother, Whiskers, arrived into its care when heavily pregnant and losing body condition.

Whiskers, a three-year-old tabby, was signed over to the RSPCA at the end of March and not long after gave birth to five boys and two girls.

The kittens have been named after the colours of the rainbow – Mr Yellow, Prince Blue, Indigo, Violet, Sir Green, Captain Orange and Red.

Mother and offspring are now doing well in the cattery, although the hungry tribe threaten to eat the centre “out of house and home”.

Generous supporters have already donated supplies of kitten food and more is needed.

seven kittens at catteryOnce they are big enough, the kittens will be spayed to prevent further homeless cats being added to the population. Kittens can reproduce from four months of age and each female can give birth to up to 12 kittens in one litter.

Whiskers is due to be spayed as soon as her kittens are fully weaned and separated from her, so that she can live a happy life in her forever home without the burden of constant litters of kittens, which take a toll on her body.

RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre and Cattery manager Lee Stewart said: “As soon as Whiskers came into our care we could see she was heavily pregnant.

“This demonstrates how important it is that owners get their cats neutered.

“Neutering cats also provides benefits such as reducing spraying and scent marking, and lessens their desire to roam in search of a mate, potentially getting lost or involved in an accident.

“It also greatly decreases the risk of cancers of the reproductive organs and reduces the risk of fighting in males.

Not neutering cats leaves their health and the health of unwanted kittens at risk. It also contributes to the thousands of unwanted cats who come into RSPCA care, often in poor health.

“Raising a litter of kittens with the correct amount of time and care takes a huge amount of commitment and money.

“Whiskers’ kittens are being cared for in our cattery at the moment and should be available for rehoming in five to six weeks time.”

All of them will receive flea and worm treatments and their first vaccinations.

Staff at Stapeley Grange will then complete a meticulous process of rehoming, which takes into account each kitten’s individual personality and needs as well as the suitability of potential owners.

“Finding the perfect home takes considerable time and effort,” added Lee.

“We need to check the homes are suitable and that new owners understand the responsibility and care that these cats need to live a long, healthy life.”

Whiskers and her kittens

When the cats are available their details can be viewed on RSPCA Stapeley Grange’s website

As well as Whiskers and her colourful kittens, the RSPCA has many other cats in need of new loving forever homes.

Potential owners can fill out a ‘Perfect Match Form’ via the centre’s online form.

During the pandemic, the cattery has moved to an online adoption process and visits to meet the centre’s cats are now by appointment only for those matched for adoption.

Meanwhile, this Saturday, June 18 (10am to 3pm), Stapeley Grange will be holding its first fundraising event since the Covid pandemic started.

As well as lots of fun activities for the kids, refreshments and a raffle, the centre staff will be providing short tours of some of the wildlife centre’s outside facilities and will open its doors to the public.

The team is very excited about inviting the public back into the cattery!

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