welcome to crewe road sign - by jaggery, creative commons licence

Dear Editor,
Action by ‘Putting Crewe First’ has ensured that a missing ‘Welcome to Crewe’ sign will be replaced in a few weeks.

The ‘Welcome to Crewe’ road sign on Nantwich Road went missing in February.

I reported it to Cheshire East but they said they said they were not going to take any action until at least next April.

Which is a mystery because the sign didn’t belong to them in the first place!

I then asked what the Town Council doing about this?

The Town Clerk replied to state that, “The town entry signs were installed by the town council some years ago.

“When made aware of the missing sign, I sought quotes for a replacement from potential suppliers.

“A new sign was ordered some months ago. I have chased the supplier and am assured that the sign will be delivered in the coming weeks.”


Cllr Brian Silvester
Putting Crewe First

(image by jaggery, creative commons licence)


  1. Should the sign say “This is Crewe and you’re welcome to it”?

  2. Why did you report it to Cheshire East if it had nothing to do with them, and if it was a mistake why did you feel the need to tell us?

    It sounds like you pestered people who were already on the job and achieved nothing of note – I do wonder why, apart from getting your name in the paper (again) you felt the need to tell us?

    There are 75,000 people in Crewe who didn’t contact Cheshire East, or Crewe Town Council about this issue and achieved exactly as much. I myself didn’t contact Morrisons, King Charles III or the Pope and am proud of what that achieved….

  3. Marvellous! I’ll be able to sleep better now tonight knowing Councillor Silvester has made such a big difference to people’s lives by ordering a new sign, whereas most of us are concerned about interest rates increasing, energy prices increases, cost of living going up, recession etc etc.
    And besides, what has the “Welcome to Crewe” sign got to do with news in Nantwich?

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