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Dear Editor,
We are slowly being drip fed by the news that Council Tax nationally might have larger increases with the removal of some manifesto promises plus a reduction of some services.

It is also being reported that some Councils are close to bankruptcy and even the Leader of CEC has alluded to this in a published statement although to be fair it was said that CEC was not yet at this position.

Recently, it was reported that Members local ward spending was to be increased from ££4,200 to £6,500 per Member.

The cost of this for 2023, if fully spent amounts to £533k which on top of this figure will be a cost to administer the scheme.

As it appears to have been approved in advance the funding must be in place to cover the full cost.

Whilst I support the idea because it has a local benefit, is it really a time that over half a million pounds can be spent this way.

We are being told that adult, child and social care services are at breaking point.

Another question is do we need 82 Councillors at a minimum cost of £943,000, and when you add extra responsibility allowances it is probably close to £1 million?

It will be interesting to see the proposals of CEC for the 2023 budget especially as elections are due next May.


Chris Moorhouse

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  1. brian silvester says:

    Next year Cheshire will be able to increase the Council Tax by 5% without a referendum.
    Up to now it has been 3%.
    Every where you look taxes up, prices up.

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