children's services- Council Tax hike - chief executive appointed

Dear Editor,
May I ask readers to take a look at the Cheshire East 2023/4 BUDGET consultation.

This is just a taster.

Highlights include spending most of the Children and Families budget in Crewe.

Specifically, on a project called The Youth Zone. Nub News tell me it will cost circa £8.4million, the consultation document doesn’t mention the cost.

This new building will be located close to the Crewe Lifestyle Centre, which, it will not surprise you to know, already offers a great service to the youth of Crewe.

And the elderly, and young families and any community group who needs it.

But wait! The new budget proposal recommends that council remove all subsidies from our leisure centres and “rationalise” our library services.

So maybe we do need a Youth Zone to replace the defunded Lifestyle Centre?

There is to be co-location of services too. Heads up Macclesfield, your library is moving into the Town Hall but it will rarely be open.

The current Leader of the Council was complaining at the December 2022 Council meeting about the new requirement for proof of identity at the polling stations this year.

He was concerned our voters wouldn’t have ID.

Well, guess what, through this budget, Cllr Corcoran et al is introducing identity checks at your local household waste centres!

Add to this, your parks and green spaces won’t get the grass cut, trees managed, or flowers planted.

Council will be closing the Stanley Centre and Warwick Mews, (both are care facilities).

All departments are being told to slow down or stop recruitment, and the planning department is to be stripped of the investment it was given to facilitate your applications and ease the pressure in there.

Whether you agree with this budget or not I’ll guarantee you Cllr Corcoran will tell you that none of the decisions are his, but that they are a collective.

If you believe that, then you must know that your so-called Independent Councillors are in collusion with and enabling him.

Without their block vote NOTHING this Labour administration bring forward would be carried. Independent? I think not.


Cllr Mrs Liz Wardlaw
Odd Rode Ward
Cheshire East

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