solar panels

As a business owner, you should know what solar power could do for your company.

Energy bills continue to increase, which affects your monthly overhead expenses.

Installing solar panels can be an efficient alternative to reduce your energy bills. Solar power can also help make your business sustainable.

Still, you should not rush into installing solar panels. Instead, you should determine if solar power is the right option for renewable energy.

What are solar panels?
Solar panels, sometimes known as PV or photovoltaic panels, consist of many cells made from layers of semiconducting material, most commonly silicon.

When sunlight shines on the panels, the solar panel system collects the power the sun generates and converts it to electricity.

Solar panels come in residential and commercial models.

Commercial solar panels are larger than residential panels because each panel has more cells, so the power it generates is higher. The installation method is also different.

How the solar panels work
Solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity.

But since businesses and households use alternating current (AC), the solar power system includes an inverter, which converts DC electricity into AC to provide power to the establishment.

Normally, one solar panel can generate about 200 to 350 watts of energy when the sunlight is stronger.

While the UK is famous for having grey skies, the cells in the solar panels do not need direct sunlight to work. So, solar panels can still generate power even during cloudy days.

Most businesses invest in battery storage to prevent the loss of unused solar energy.

With battery storage, the company can store excess solar energy produced during the day and use it after the sun sets.

Reliability of solar energy
A business needs a steady supply of energy to ensure its continuous operation.

A commercial solar panel installation company identifies the most advantageous location where they can have maximum exposure to the sun.

Further, the location should be free from obstructions, such as tall trees, vegetation, and other structures that can block the sun’s rays at different times of the day.

The right location and the correct angle will ensure that the establishment will have a good supply of renewable energy.

Benefits of solar panels for your business
Commercial solar panels offer several benefits for your business. You can use the space on your building’s roof to good use, for one thing.

• Solar income. You can sell your excess solar power to the grid

• Reduced carbon footprint. You use green energy to generate power. Thus, you do not burn fossil fuel, which means you minimise your carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of the renewable energy source

• Cost savings. While the initial investment in commercial solar panels is high, you can recoup your investment in five to six years.

You will have lower demand for energy from the grid as your solar panels can generate the electricity you need during the day, which translates into savings in your energy bills.

Ensure that you get help from a reliable commercial solar panel installer to maximise the benefits of using solar power.

Also, the government offers several incentives when you use solar energy for your business, so ensure that you look into it.


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