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Independents and local parties have always fielded a large number of candidates in the Cheshire East Council elections over the years – and 2023 is no different.

For the last four years the Independent Group has jointly run Cheshire East with Labour, after the council went to no overall control in 2019.

Here, though, it’s important to stress that not all Independent councillors are members of the Independent Group – four, who are totally ‘on their own’, for want of a better description – are classed by Cheshire East as ‘non-grouped’.

The Independent Group – as it exists today and until the May 4 election – has 17 councillors and is made up of 10 Independents, four Residents of Wilmslow councillors, two Bollington First and one Alderley Edge First.

In total the Independents, local parties and non-grouped – with 21 councillors – make up just over a quarter of the Cheshire East Council membership at present.

On May 4, a total 47 of the 254 candidates standing for election to Cheshire East Council are either Independent or members of local town-based parties.

Going by the description on the nomination papers, there are 24 candidates who are standing as Independent on Thursday.

When it comes to local parties, by far the largest of these when it comes to candidates – and one which is a totally standalone group – is Putting Crewe First Independent Residents Group.

This party has formed since the 2019 election and has candidates standing for all 10 Cheshire East seats in the six Crewe wards.

Residents of Wilmslow is the next largest local party in terms of number of candidates.

It has candidates standing in all five Cheshire East seats in the four Wilmslow wards.

Two Tytherington Ward Independents are standing for Cheshire East; Bollington First has two candidates and Alderley Edge First has one candidate.

Other candidates standing are two for Reform UK; one for the Social Democratic Party and one for Women’s Equality Party. The Official Monster Raving Loony Party is also fielding a candidate this year.

Residents voting at polling stations must take photo ID.

For a full list of all candidates in all CEC wards, visit our earlier story here

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  1. Where is the Green Party featured?

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