Planet Doughnut owners

Planet Doughnut are to close their Nantwich store from May 28, they have revealed.

The closure less than two years after it was opened on Pillory Street in September 2021.

Boss Duncan McGregor has blamed “crippling” energy prices and reduced High Street footfall for the decision to close.

Mr McGregor said: “I was hoping we wouldn’t have to post this but we’ve been unable to make our Nantwich shop work out and sadly will be closing the doors on Sunday night the 28th May for the last time.

“Please come in and see us in our last week if you can, we will be doing some deals to get rid of excess dessert stock and use up the coffee and hot chocolate.

“We gave it our best shot but the crippling cost of electricity prices, the cost of living crisis, reduced high street footfall, coupled by the fact in essence our “bread and butter” is a handmade artisan doughnut we just couldn’t keep absorbing the losses here.

“Thank you Nantwich for making us feel so welcome, and if anyone is looking for fridges, freezers, and café related stuff drop me a PM – I have a number of items to sell.”

The company, which has stores in Shrewsbury and Chester, took over the outlet vacated by sandwich and coffee bar Bloom & Bo in 2021.

The company was established in 2017 by husband-and-wife team Duncan and Samantha McGregor in their kitchen in Shrewsbury.

Planet Doughnut Nantwich inside store
Planet Doughnut Nantwich inside store


  1. Vegan donuts are far too niche for a small place like Nantwich and you’d really need to be in the centre of town to get the footfall needed. Pretty sure you’ve done the right thing cutting your losses asap, good luck with the other stores.

  2. John Shelton says:

    Vegan Doughnut you should realise so called “negative comments” are merely honest comments that may appear harsh, at the time, but in reality are a pointer to finding the way forward to a more successful future, a great help in realising what is needed for a successful company, as not all start ups continue to buck the trend. If I didn’t listen to negative comments at the start of my business and improve then I would not have had an established company for over 30yrs before retiring. Listen and learn is the key

  3. Vegan Doughnut says:

    Sorry to see you go, as vegans we are not very well catered for in Nantwich, but since you came along we could have lovely exciting treats! Good luck in your other stores.

    Don’t worry about negative comments. You’re amazing and may you keep on growing!

  4. No suprise, had one the week they opened.. Soooo much suger and more like suger buns with suger cream and suger icing. 🤢. But why when u can get a real cream dohnut from Chatwins just down the road 🤷‍♂️

  5. All very negative, how about “Well done for trying & good luck for the future”

  6. Jo Evans says:

    To be honest you really need to sit inside with your doughnut, as they are too flimsy to eat outside on a park bench in the sun, the filling is on top and insides so one bite and you are covered in goo
    The interior is as exciting as a bus station cafe, so hardly surprising it’s going now

  7. Dave Fernley says:

    Well you could not predict higher energy bills when they opened, however low footfall really is a given in a secondary site as it were

    There have been niche shops come and go here for some time, better use of that shop would to have found a secondary outlet for sales such as coffee shops, restaurants, delivery service, mail order subscription, parties, and artisan fairs throughout the area.

    Many successful companies employ students to circle the town with a try and taste tray to give a vibe on how good they were
    But maybe just donuts are not the way forward, a bakery would have been better, but we already have a good bakers here now, so I would say wrong town

  8. that sort of niche business would do better on the artisan markets, a good one is in Newcastle, why pay rent and taxes and staff for a high street store these days

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