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Father’s Day is a time to show appreciation for all the hard work dads do.

However, shopping for the perfect gift is often left to the last minute.

According to a new survey from handmade personalised gifting company, Create Gift Love, 61% of men buy their Father’s Day presents just one week before the day.

Tony Carr (39), Co-founder of Create Gift Love with wife Emily Carr (39), from Christchurch, Dorset, says: “It’s the same each year, we see sales for Mother’s Day start a month or even two months in advance, but for Father’s Day it’s the week before, maybe two weeks before.

“We wanted to try and understand why so we asked 1000 people who are planning to buy Father’s Day gifts this year about their buying habits, and the results were fascinating.

“We all know the stereotype about men buying last-minute gifts at Christmas, we didn’t know that extended into other gifting periods until now. Our survey showed us that a staggering 61% of men left it until the week before to get their gift while most women organised their gift a month in advance.”

Is last-minute gift buying procrastination, poor time management, or a tactical move?

Tim Pychyl, Ph.D., an expert in procrastination, says: “We all have good reasons to put off shopping until the last minute.

“Sales often get better. The Internet provides the last-minute shopper with easy access without fighting traffic or full parking lots, and many online retailers offer last-minute, free shipping.”

The convenience and cost savings associated with online shopping has made it easier than ever for anyone who waits until the last minute to find great gifts for their fathers.

Carr adds: “I’m not sure if it’s as simple as saying men don’t care as much, or they’re not very well organised, I think it’s more a case of they know what they’re getting and where from, they know most UK retailers offer next day delivery, so they just don’t need to think about it until the week before nowadays.”

The survey also asked questions about what type of gifts people were planning to purchase for their dads and a staggering 78% said they would choose a personalised gift over a non-personalised one.

“We know from the sales of our personalised keyrings, coasters, wallets, and wall art, that they’re popular, but we had no idea the percentage would be that high,” Carr adds.

“With the majority of shoppers leaving it to the week before, and most of them looking for personalised gifts, I think they know that online sellers like us can deliver even personalised gifts the very next day.

“Last-minute shoppers aren’t lazy, they just know how quickly they can get what they want, they’re efficient!”

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