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The recent hot spell of weather has been a welcome reminder of some excellent news – the summer schedule of music festivals is about to get underway!

The next few months are packed with events taking place across the United Kingdom and you’ll need a healthy bank balance to attend more than a couple.

Some music fans may even use the final few weeks of the football season to boost their chances of adding another festival into the mix.

Successful wagers on the best football betting sites could be the pathway to watching some of the country’s most promising indie bands in action.

With that in mind, we take a closer look at four acts worth checking out this summer, starting with one who hail from a city just over 20 miles away from Nantwich.

The Royston Club
Wrexham has been buzzing over the past couple of years and not just because their football club has been taken over by famous Hollywood actors.

The Royston Club have been making waves in the music industry and are well on track to become major festival headliners in the future.

They are due to play several festivals this summer including AlderFest at Alderford Lake, Whitchurch, on Saturday, July 1.

The North Wales four-piece are also scheduled to embark on their biggest tour to date later this year. If you haven’t seen them live yet, you’re missing out!

Red Rum Club
This Liverpool-based sextet are another band who have been climbing the ranks and are well worth watching at one of the summer festivals.

Red Rum Club have toured extensively over the past couple of years, building up a sizeable fanbase in the UK and North America.

Pigeon-holing their music as ‘indie’ arguably does them a disservice, with many of their tunes taking plenty of inspiration from the dance scene.

Regardless of how they are categorised, Red Rum Club are guaranteed to put plenty of smiles on faces on the festival circuit this summer.

The Rosadocs
South Yorkshire has a long history of producing top indie bands – Milburn, Arctic Monkeys, Reverend & The Makers and Little Man Tate to name a few.

The Rosadocs are on course to be the next big hit from the region, with the talented five-piece booked to appear at some of the top festivals this summer.

Their latest release ‘At Your Door’ is a storming indie tune – perfect for belting out at the top of your lungs in the middle of a field somewhere.

If you get the chance to see them this summer, make sure you do. Your life will be better for the experience.

Rianne Downey
The Scottish-born singer/songwriter is another act who doesn’t necessarily conform to one particular genre, but that is no bad thing.

Downey has immersed herself into the indie scene in Liverpool, developing a reputation as a solid support act for numerous talented bands.

She will have several opportunities to showcase her talents this summer and looks certain to be a massive hit with festival-goers.

Her uplifting songs have been garnering plenty of interest on several streaming platforms – it won’t be too long before the world is fully switched on to her brilliance.

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