bombs - Hall O' Shaw Street after April 8, 1941 raid on Crewe

Nantwich News readers are being urged to contribute to a new book which chronicles the air raids in South Cheshire during World War Two.

The book – “When The Bombs Rained Down on Crewe” – covers the period between July 1940 and April 1941, when the town experienced air raids which saw houses and buildings destroyed and residents killed.

The subject has been researched through official documents, maps and records studied.

And it will be illustrated with photographs from the era and 80 years later, to show the areas that were bombed and what they look like today.

Crewe was not only a strategically important railway junction for ferrying vital war materials and service personnel all over the country, but home to the Rolls-Royce aero-engine production factory who were also heavily engaged in producing important items for the war effort.

There were notable raids on the town and the factories, which to this day are enthusiastically discussed by Crewe’s amateur historians and those interested in Crewe’s proud military heritage, plus many myths and legends have been associated with the period.

Some of the most poignant parts in the book are interviews with people who lived through these raids who have passed on memories and recollections.

These have been collected over the past 20 years with some featuring in local books, but never in one single volume.

Emily Davies, who was killed along with 3 others of her family, during the April 8, 1941 raid on Crewe - bombs
Emily Davies, killed along with 3 others of her family on April 8, 1941

One family also features heavily in the book, after many photos were recently discovered.

This family lost four members during the April 8, 1941 raid, includoing Emily Davies (pictured).

Authors are now appealing to Nantwich News readers for any stories they can remember or have been passed down regarding air raids on Crewe or surrounding areas, or any photographs, so they can be included before the publication date.

The raids featured in the book include: the Cheshire Cheese (Gresty), Brook Farm (Alvaston), Bedford Street/St Andrew’s Avenue, Old Works/Liverpool line, Alton Street/Middlewich Street/Ruskin Road/Leighton, Chester line/Carriage Repair Shops, Bunbury, Rolls-Royce, Wybunbury, Earle Street/Hall O’ Shaw Street/Martin Street and Wheelock.

Get in touch with Mark Potts on [email protected] or by phone on 07503178132. Closing date is June 30.

(Pics by Mark Potts)

Mark Potts - local historian - bombs
Mark Potts – author and local historian

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