A51 spine road bypass reaseheath

Frustrated residents in Nantwich feel they are being left in the dark over the progress of the A51 spine road at Reaseheath.

The road, initially planned to be opened in February 2022, remains closed with work still to do on both connections points.

Residents collected dozens of signatures and sent correspondence to Cheshire East Council head of highways Simon Wallace on April 12, requesting a meeting and an update on the road’s progress.

Despite follow up emails since then, the highways boss and CEC have failed to reply or acknowledge the residents’ concerns.

Original plans said the road had to be open at the very latest by time the 750th dwelling on the Kingsbourne development was occupied.

It appears the current delay to the opening is a “public right of way” issue.

Campaigner and Reaseheath resident Vicky Higham said: “It is really disappointing that Simon Wallace has still not responded to my letter and the supporting signatures sent on 12th April.

“It would be good to understand how far off the 750 homes are, and what the plan is including activities, timescales and dates to achieve the opening of the road from now until the forecast date for the occupation of the 750th home, as well as an update on footpaths, the equine/pedestrian/cycle underpass and the Toucan crossing.”

In a statement, Cheshire East said the ongoing delays were due to the housing developers.

Cllr Craig Browne, Cheshire East Council deputy leader and chair of the council’s highways and transport committee, said “The A51 realignment is a developer-led scheme, involving three housing developers who have entered into a legal agreement to fund this highways project.

“Planning permission for the development requires that the new road is opened-up prior to the occupation of the 750th dwelling on the site, which has not yet been reached.

“However, the council is continuing to engage with the developers as final details are agreed through the detailed planning process to enable the road to be opened as soon as possible.

“We await further proposals from the developers concerning the impact of the scheme on a public right of way.

“Once resolved, then we should be in a position to enter into a highway agreement for completion of the new section of the A51, in accordance with the approved scheme.”

A spokesperson for the housing consortium said they were still short of 750 properties being occupied on Kingsbourne.

They added: “We are working closely with Cheshire East Council to ensure the new road can be opened as soon as possible.

“Following feedback from the council amends are being made to the planning application, relating to the public footway.

“Once the revised plans have been approved, and a highway agreement is in place, we aim to complete the remaining work at the earliest opportunity.

“The majority of the new road, which will create a second access to the Kingsbourne Development, has already been constructed.”

(Image by Jonathan White)

A51 reaseheath bypass not open


  1. just how are they supposed to access the estate from Chester then M Phipps ??
    Oh I know clog up the town with traffic and enter via Waterlode, genius!!

  2. Why is anyone surprised, it’s Cheshire East Council, clueless .

  3. They won’t finish the road until all houses are sold.
    Developers are not silly, they know the massive negative impact this new section of road is going to have on the residents. If it was open now it would put off buyers.
    Developers use this underhand tactic all the time.
    They did a similar thing on a new section of road parallel to the canal off Welsh road, sold all the houses then turned a foot bridge into a road bridge, they had planning permission for this long before houses were built, made sure they sold all houses first.
    They are using same tactics again here with this new section of road.
    I have been walking down that new section of road for over a year now, also went down there at weekend, pretty much nothing has changed, they are not doing anything to it, and they won’t until the end.
    Crazy bringing a really busy road into a nice new and expensive upmarket estate, what are they thinking 🤔

  4. The question is who agreed 750 occupied houses as the road opening criteria?And why? Why wasn’t this road built first so that all construction traffic and new resident traffic would have avoided congesting Nantwich town centre.

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