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People love giving back to the community. And what better way to do so than by combining charity with fun?

Most charitable organizations have realized that proceeds are much higher if attendees can get a kick out of the events.

That’s why casino charity events have gained so much traction.

After all, people come together, enjoy casino games like those on Royal Panda Casino, get their dopamine and adrenaline levels up, and even walk away with prizes.

And even those who lose don’t feel the pinch because most proceeds go to charity.

Who could have ever thought that playing casino games could be charitable? How innovative!

Below are some other notable worldwide charity initiatives.

Global Charity Initiatives
Charity is all about uplifting the disadvantaged communities in the world by upholding their dignity and giving them the foundations to build better lives.

The organizations below are proof of that:

a. Save the Children
This NGO, which operates in over 100 countries, targets children living in poor communities.

It focuses on giving them access to basic needs and a better chance of a promising future.

Additionally, it focuses on the following:
– Protecting children from neglect and abuse by removing them from unsafe conditions,
– Ensuring children have the chance to learn by providing educational resources and opportunities, and
– Fighting for the rights of children.

Their activities focus on lasting improvement and have touched the lives of more than a billion children to date.

This international organization also focuses on children and women living in poor communities.

It has offices in over 190 countries and mainly focuses on protecting children while offering them resources for survival.

Most of their activities revolve around the following key areas:
– Empowering children by facilitating their survival and development,
– Fighting for gender equality in countries where the margins are significantly high,
– Creating avenues where children can access basic education, and
– Saving the lives of children at risk of abuse and exploitation.

It also educates children and women regarding health risks, particularly concerning diseases like HIV/ AIDS.

c. Action Against Hunger
This project targets children living in underserved communities by providing them with food and water.

The goal is to fight malnutrition in children and build their immunity through healthy nutrition.

Besides providing food, the organization focuses on activities that can pave the way for food sustainability, including:
– Seeking ways to end the cycle of conflict and hunger which is prevalent in war-stricken areas,
– Reviewing how communities can produce food in light of climatic changes,
– Adopting social safety nets that can address the food inequality issues in most developing countries,
– Educating people on how they can reduce food wastage and loss, and
– Innovating techniques to fight malnutrition in mothers and children.

The organization values sustainability and thus reviews strategic ways to help farmers get their food to the markets.

d. The Rotary Foundation
This all-rounded organization with a worldwide reach focuses on several goals as follows:
– Protecting the environment,
– Providing support to school-going children,
– Promoting worldwide peace,
– Providing clean water to underprivileged societies,
– Protecting women and children,
– Fighting diseases, and
– Supporting economic growth.

It has several branches in different countries, which people can join and volunteer time, money, or both.

Through these networks, the global organization impacts the community significantly.

Give a man a fish…teach a man to fish. These organizations do both, with a particular emphasis on providing resources that help people empower themselves.

They mainly rely on donor support and volunteers, and you can be part of their admirable strategies by chipping in in any possible way.

What Do Charities Do?
Charitable organizations focus on different goals.

But the premise lies in any of the five areas below:
– Giving food to people experiencing poverty,
– Offering drink to the thirsty,
– Providing clothes to the naked,
– Housing people without homes,
– Tending to the sick,
– Aiding those in prison, and
– Giving dignity to the dead

An organization can center on one charitable act or can cater to many goals at a time.

Every action counts; no matter how small it may seem.

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