Steve France - author

Nantwich author Steve France has published his latest novel called “The Peculiar Shape of Moving”.

It tells the story of Jude Sixpence who sees an intriguing newspaper ad for a bus travelling to India and is captivated by the idea of heading east and finding salvation.

At 18, already weary of the prospect of a lifetime of monotonous work in the grey of England, he dreams of travelling the world.

But it is the 1970s and the overland route is full of danger.

Iran is threatening to erupt into revolution and there are rumours the Soviets are soon to invade Afghanistan.

With the world in chaos, will he even make it to the healing east and truly find himself? Will it be the adventure of a lifetime?

Or will his life be changed forever by the many curious characters and peculiar events he encounters on the way?

Author Steve, who was born in Birmingham, travelled the world when younger including hitch hiking across America and Canada.

He returned to Europe and then travelled across Asia and beyond as far as Antarctica and the Canadian Arctic.

His travels have inspired his writing.

He is married to Amanda and when they are not travelling, and they also have a house in Spain.

His previous published work includes management books and a novel titled Hiding with the Sugar Stealers.

He has also written a collection of poetry titled Love Transfers.

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