van and lorry crash - police accident stock image - by Lee Haywood - creative commons licence_censored

Police and air ambulance are at the scene of a road accident in Nantwich believed to involve a young child.

The incident has happened along Queen’s Drive close to the junction with Dorfold Drive and Riverside.

An air ambulance landed on nearby Mill Island while Cheshire Police cordoned off Queen’s Drive at both ends.

Eye witnesses say the accident involved a young child, but this has not been confirmed.

Several emergency vehicles are at the scene.

We have contacted Cheshire Police for an update.


  1. Tom Edwards says:

    even today there are cars still speeding, you could not make it up, ah well another 2 more identical incidents and the council will act, they need a cluster of identical issues or they refuse to do anything, best advise is stay clear

  2. Tom Edwards says:

    Just why would you race along a residential road with cars parked everywhere, too many thick drivers around, needs a better solution than street parking, totally selfish and what for, to get home 2 minutes earlier, and now a child has been injured, shameful

  3. Geoff Stockton says:

    Lots of fast traffic on this road

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