auditions - Nantwich Players Theatre (3)

Theft written by Eric Chappell, and directed by John Mackay is the latest production from Nantwich Players, writes Claire Faulkner.

Two couples and long-standing friends are out celebrating a wedding anniversary, but when John and Barbara return home they find they’ve been burgled, not only that, but the culprit is still on the premises.

In this witty comedy, we learn that not everything is as it seems, and no-one’s secrets are safe.

This was a fun production to watch. It’s beautifully written and there are some very funny one liner’s throughout.

Jonathan Everitt gave a great performance as John, but Avril Jones as his long-suffering, slightly tipsy wife Barbara was just wonderful.

Steve Bird and Marianne Hill gave strong performances as best friends Trevor and Jenny, but it was Eddie Bell who stole the show (and not just the silver) for me as Spriggs, who once caught, tried absolutely everything to escape including sharing uncomfortable truths about the two couples.

Theft is running at The Nantwich Players Theatre on Love Lane until 28th October.

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