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Police have arrested a youth in Nantwich accused for assaulting a man who asked him to stop riding a motor scooter on a footpath.

Officers confirmed today the youth, who cannot be named, was arrested and has been bailed to a young offenders institution.

His victim – described by police as elderly – confronted the youth after he was seen riding his scooter on a pavement.

The arrest comes amid growing concern of anti-social behaviour in the town, much of it caused by youths riding motorised scooters and e-bikes in pedestrian areas.

A Nantwich Police spokesperson said: “After an investigation by Nantwich Beat Team into an assault by a youth offender on an elderly male, a local youth has been arrested and bailed to young offenders after a full admission of guilt.

“The youth was confronted by a member of the public after riding his motor scooter on a public footpath, resulting in the youth committing assault.

“The male who was assaulted is thankfully recovering.”

Cheshire Police chiefs have recently attended a number of Nantwich Town Council meetings and vowed to crackdown on anti-social behaviour in various parts of the town following concerns raised by councillors.

Residents are urged to report any issues via the 101 service, 999 in an emergency or on the Cheshire Police website.


  1. Rap doesn’t kill communities but mindless, ignorant comments and attitudes does.

  2. I’m afraid there is a lot of Rot and Decay in our society, there always has been, it just seems to be setting in more now.
    Young people are losing their souls and minds to computers and rap music.
    What ever happened to community spirit, respect, love and compassion.

  3. It is happening everywhere I was standing on pavement and a car whooshed past me within a few inches, when I called the driver out I was met with abuse for a guy old enough to be my dad, world has just got nastier

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