cerys2 - dog found dumped in bag

A dog that was dumped in a bag outside a Romanian animal shelter has been taken in by a Nantwich dog rescue to give her a better chance of adoption.

Three-year-old mixed breed Cerys was found in the Romanian village of Gura Vadului last October.

She had managed to free herself from the bag but was too confused to run away.

Rescuer Stefania Georgescu found her sitting a few feet away from the empty sack, surrounded by discarded pieces of litter.

Cerys is now settling into Our Safe Haven kennels in Nantwich, where the team hope to find her a loving family that will treat her with love and kindness.

“Cerys is a very sweet girl, with lots of love to give,” said kennel manager Catherine Bowyer.

“Due to her awful background, she can be a little nervous of new people to begin with.

“However, this doesn’t stop her from coming up and sitting next to you for a snuggle.

“Cerys would prefer to be the only dog in a home as she can get quite stressed out with dogs in her space.

“She also loves human interaction from those she trusts, so for those looking for a companion, she would fit right in.”

Our Safe Haven kennels is run by rescue organisation Pawprints to Freedom, which operates in Romania and the UK, rescuing dogs from kill shelters and other horrific situations.

To fill out an application for Cerys, visit: https://www.pawprints2freedom.co.uk/adopt


  1. Go for it Jacqueline! I’ve adopted 4 and there’s nothing better than rescuing, it’s unconditional love all the way! Get in touch with them directly as this is the Nantwich news site so the rescue place won’t see it. X good luck!

  2. Jacqueline Wells says:

    God love this gorgeous girl, might be interested in adopting, if I meet criteria

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