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Torrevieja is a resort town in the province of Alicante, located on the Costa Blanca.

For a long time, property for sale in Torrevieja has been the focus of many who want to spend their holidays in the Mediterranean or move permanently to Spain.

The town is located on a flat area at an equal distance from the cities of Murcia and Alicante, between the sea lagoons.

It attracts numerous tourists with its beautiful Blue Flag beaches with golden sand and clear water, favorable climate with many sunny days, and many green spaces.

In Torrevieja you will be provided with a high quality of life thanks to a well-functioning infrastructure, many food outlets with excellent Mediterranean cuisine, and various sports opportunities.

Property for sale in Torrevieja – prices and prospects
In general, real estate prices in Torrevieja simply cannot be lower than in other regions, since there are a large number of tourists from all over the world here all year round and the demand for real estate is quite high.

According to statistics, about 40% of foreigners from more than 100 countries of the world live in the city, which makes it a multinational resort, and the pace of housing construction is quite high.

Property for sale in Torrevieja is especially attractive for British citizens, who make up the majority of foreigners.

After all, prices even for luxury real estate, located on the coast in Torrevieja, are similar to prices for mid-level properties located in small towns in Britain.

Today the average price for 1 sq. m in Torrevieja is €2183.

Property in Torrevieja is quite diverse, as are the prices. Factors that affect prices are the following:
● location of the property;
● condition of the property;
● size of the property;
● number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
● availability of land, swimming pool, balconies, terraces;
● safety etc.

The main factor is the location of housing. In a resort town, the dominant condition for finding a property, as a rule, is proximity to the coast and, accordingly, the most expensive properties will be located here.

Torrevieja is divided into several areas, each of which has its own attractions. On the outskirts of the city there are new buildings and a calm atmosphere reigns here.

Therefore, with personal transport, it is comfortable to live here for pensioners and families with children.

Banks, pharmacies, shopping centers, restaurants, and public transport stops are concentrated in the city centre.

Here you can admire the beautiful embankment. The pace of life in the center is very high: heavy traffic, a lot of people and a small number of parks and squares.

However, real estate here is constantly in high demand.

Examples of properties and corresponding prices in Torrevieja are as follows:
● apartments of 62 sq. m with two bedrooms and one bathroom located 200 m from the sea – €52,900;
● duplex of 66 sq. m with two bedrooms and one bathroom located 100 m from the sea – €195,000;
● villa on the beach with an area of 155 sq. m with three bedrooms and four bathrooms – €495,000.

When buying a property, it should be taken into account that additional costs will be added to the value of the property, such as taxes, notary fees, registration, commissioning fees.

As a result, all this can be 10-12% of the price.

In general, the Costa Blanca region is highly attractive for investment compared to other regions of Spain.

And the towns of Orihuela and Torrevieja account for a third of all sales in the region.

Despite the fairly high pace of housing construction, the demand for property in Torrevieja is constantly growing, and therefore prices are rising.

So, in February 2022, the cost of 1 sq. m was €1803, in June 2022 – €1890, in February 2023 – €2183.

The town is actively selling both cheap and luxury real estate. Most likely, this trend will continue in the future.

In general, the Spanish real estate market is stable compared to other European countries, where there is an increase in inflation and, consequently, a significant increase in prices.

Therefore, long-term investors prefer to invest their money here.

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