new PM Liz Truss - image by UK Government under creative commons licence

Dear Editor,
I was intrigued by last Tuesday’s launch of the latest Tory splinter group “Popular Conservatism” by Liz Truss.

As the shortest-lasting of the 57 Prime Ministers in the 300 year history of the post, having crashed the economy in seven weeks, she is the most UN – popular major figure in politics. What a joke!

Her colleagues at the launch included a loudmouth who claims that people who are badly off can feed themselves for 30p (he himself has a £100,000 pa job with a right-wing TV channel on top of his £85,000 Parliamentary salary), an Old Etonian millionaire who despite noisily supporting Brexit moved his hedge fund from London to Dublin to avoid it being affected by Brexit, and a former actress who is married to a billionaire property developer currently selling a penthouse apartment for £175 million.

The Director of these “PopCons” previously ran a pressure group lobbying for the national minimum wage to be abolished so that the low-paid can be paid even less, called for companies to be able to get rid of employees without paying redundancy pay and for the NHS to be abolished.

But there is nonetheless a crazy logic behind the apparently nonsensical name of this new group.

They aim at seizing control of the Conservative party after their likely general election failure.

While the extreme policies of the “Popular Conservatives” are deeply unpopular among the British people, they are “Popular AMONG Conservatives”.

Indeed, Liz Truss is the last person the members voted into their party’s leadership just 17 months ago.

Remember that Rishi Sunak took over without the membership being allowed a vote after Truss crashed the economy.

This latest group of extremists have no hope of persuading the rest of us, but that’s not the point, they are part of the coming battle for the soul of the Conservative party.

And they could be running the country if enough people vote Conservative.


John Creswick

(pic by UK Government under creative commons licence)

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