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Dear Editor
Your report on the school meals service identifies a major cost item of CEC that needs to be explored further.

It shows how CEC is top heavy. Commenting on the report is a Director of Strong Start, Family help and Integration PLUS a Head of Children’s Development & Partnership.

How much did it cost to dream up these role titles and others when you look at the staff establishment.

I estimate that the total cost of just these two posts including pensions and other on-costs will be in the region of £200k pa.

It would be interesting to know if the new CEC will review the senior establishment.

I have also commented before that £500k could be saved by reducing the number of Councillors from 82 to 60.

Within CEC’s area are retired senior LGO’s and Business Managers who could provide him with free advice – rather than use the directly affected elected members who have a self interest of £12k pa plus per member with additional responsibility allowances for some.

After all, it is us who picks up the tab for mis-management.

It does really need a shake up of the whole organisation, especially what Government commitment was given re HS2 to CEC for them to go ahead to spend the £8-£11 millions on projects before it was scrapped.

Perhaps, you could interview the new CEC at an early date to tease out what he has found so far? I am sure he must be aware of the communities opinions of CEC.


Chris Moorhouse

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  1. Reduce councillors really and please explain why 2/3rds of the budget it’s for care services…. Maybe that’s the real problem too many people allowed to be sick because of the failure of the NHS due to government underfunding

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