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Everyone knows about exploring Route 66 or meandering through Europe’s golden highways but seldom consider the possibility of renting a car in the UAE.

The UAE is well known for its roads, and especially its supercars.

What sets aside the UAE apart from other countries is its wealth. No wonder that its residents often prefer to travel in style. This may seem to be completely out of your budget.

However, in fact, there are a lot of cheapest supercar rental Dubai options, and here are some tips to ensure you get the best deals.

As with the car rental process in any other country, it’s important to book in advance, not only to give yourself more vehicle options, but to also get the best deals.

The closer to the date you get, the more likely you will have to pay additional fees and expenses.

Most recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Make sure your licence is valid for the UAE – you don’t want to be refused due to an outdated or invalid licence.

Not only will this slow down your trip but it’ll also mean you may have fees you can’t be refunded for.

You must also consider if you are of age to drive in the country you are visiting as it may differ from your home country.

Additionally, the UAE requires an international passport.

Considering your needs, you may want a more comfortable car for a long journey or something faster to enjoy the thrills of driving in the UAE.

Look at the car rental services in Dubai and the UAE and read the descriptions carefully – looking at the car’s top speed and internal features making sure it’s right for you and your trip.

Once you’ve got your car, there are a few steps to take to ensure you are not charged additional fees at the end of your trip.

Firstly make sure to take pictures and videos of the car and its features and condition, to make sure you’re not charged for any damage that may be already on the car.

These are just a few tips to ensure you enjoy your affordable car rental in the UAE.

Make sure to check the details and book early to get the best deals.

(pic on Unsplash, licence free)

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  1. An interesting, well-researched article.

    Essentially, it missed the bit about the requirement to hold a type ‘1968’ International Driving Permit (available for £5.50 from the Post Office), without which it would be technically illegal for a UK driving licence holder to be eligible to drive in the UAE (although the car hire companies rarely ask for it).

    Also, it failed to recommend a car hire excess insurance, available for around £60 for annual worldwide cover, which could save you a fortune when hiring a car in the UAE.

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