police parking double yellow lines

Dear Editor,
Two police vehicles were parked on double yellow lines outside Crewe Police Station on Thursday morning.

I emailed the Chief Constable to ask for a response.

This is the reply I received.

“Our car park is full due to essential building work during the day at the moment. This means that contractors are parking on the Police station car park. I have asked officers not to park there in the future but I have to be mindful that if they park further away from the station this is delaying our response to the public when they call us, as we will have to exit the station and run a further distance to our cars, due to no other nearby parking option. This spot is regularly used by the public attending the front desk of the station also. In the absence of a parking option any closer we have not prosecuted anyone for parking there.”

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester
Putting Crewe First


  1. That road is hardly busy. Seems like a perfectly reasonable response from the Chief Constable.

  2. Brian you should of been pro active and gone to the desk first, after all your saying we need a counter so use it

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