CEC car parking -Snow Hill Nantwich - parking charges recommenced on 15th June 2020 (1)

Dear Editor,
It was with utter disbelief that I read your article (15th May) covering Nantwich Town councillors ‘blasting of plans’ to remove the cash payment option on local carparks.

This policy was put in place by the Labour and Independent administration running Cheshire East.

The town council currently has four members on Cheshire East, all of whom are part of that ruling administration and a large number of the other town cllrs are politically affiliated with it!

As a member of Cheshire East Highways and Transport Committee I can assure you that the ruling Labour/Independent administration formally proposed to remove cash payment from ALL Nantwich carparks – it was the Conservative group whom stepped in with an amendment pressing to retain a cash option on Nantwich’s largest carpark.

Only Cllr Peter Groves and local alderman Andrew Martin approached myself to lobby on your towns behalf.

Could this be the same local Labour folk who issued a leaflet in Nantwich asking for support by way of criticising the lengthy road works diversion in the town that was arranged by their own Labour Council?

Could this be the same local Labour folk who only last April issued an election newsletter publicly attacking the ‘lack of vision’ by the ‘Conservative led Nantwich town council’ despite the fact that the town council had a majority of independent councillors (three of whom were in the Cheshire East administration with their Labour chums).

Nantwich Labour have committed to imposing a London like ‘low emissions zone’ (LEZ) in the town. Perhaps there will be no need for carparks soon as no one will be likely come to visit!

Surely Nantwich deserves better than this?

Yours Sincerely,

Cllr Allen Gage
Cheshire East Highways & Transport Committee
Willaston and Rope

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  1. Be happier if each car park in the CE area pays for car parking now failing to make this happen is discrimination

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