D&G bus - bus service review 2024

A key Sunday bus service connecting Nantwich, Willaston and Crewe is being axed from July.

The loss of the D&G service means the 84 corridor will only have a service every 90 minutes on Sunday with Stagecoach.

The service currently runs every half an hour between Nantwich Bus Station, Willaston Colleys Lane and Crewe Bus Stations and back between 9.30am and 6.30pm.

A spokesperson for D&G Buses told Nantwich News: “We monitor our local bus services at regular intervals.

“During recent monitoring it has become evident passenger numbers on the Sunday journeys of 84X aren’t sufficient to sustain a commercial operation across the current length of the operational day.

“It was felt that shortening the day, while reducing cost, would also see a proportional loss of revenue, so no better off. The weekday service will continue on route 84X.”

The move comes amid Cheshire East Council’s decision to fund service improvements on other Sunday routes including the 12, 38 and 130 services through the Bus Service Improvement Programme.

However, none of these routes serve Nantwich.

A CEC spokesperson said: “These service enhancements have been chosen as they allow as many of the borough’s key towns and villages to have better public transport access for seven days a week as possible.

“They will also enable more essential journeys to both the major hospitals in the borough – Leighton Hospital in Crewe and Macclesfield District General Hospital.

“The increase in the number of buses running on the number 38 service – one of the council’s most strategically important routes – will have significant benefits for users, as it directly links Crewe to Macclesfield and already accounts for more than 400,000 passenger journeys a year.”

More information on all current and new services can be found at https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/public_transport/bus_service_changes.aspx


  1. People moaning about having a cut In service on sunday,try living in marshfield or near leighton hospital there hasn’t been a sunday service that goes beyond Hightown for 20 + years.after 6.30 on a Saturday evening if your elderly or tou have no choice if you want to go out you have to get a taxi and mid week services you have to wait an hour for a bus that’s if they don’t take it off 1st

  2. Number one says:

    Bus services are shocking in this area city areas like London have buses at 4am and stop at midnight I know we have a small population compared to London so the cost is not justified but no buses to Leighton on a Sunday is ridiculous and last bus is 7pm what about the staff who work outside of those hours that want us to be greener and use public transportation well give the public transportation to us to use in the first place we can’t use what is not there can we same with first buses thay stop running after 8pm and no buses before 6am again what about working people who work outside those hours Sunday buses start at 9am and stop at 8pm thay use to run until 11pm every day the good old days the buses are in competition with the railway service which runs from 6am Monday to Saturday to 11 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 9:00 a.m. until 11 pm Monday to Saturday the bus services need to improve dramatically in this area buses are cheaper than the trains but are not as reliable in terms of hours they run this needs to change.

  3. monitoring, no passengers,

    turned up straight after a stagecoach bus

    Unless you already have a return ticket, your not going to use it

  4. D&G don’t have the staff to cover on a Sunday and are struggling to cover all weekday services due drivers leaving

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