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House moving is one of the most controversial ventures – while being exhausting and nerve-racking, it actually is an eye-opening experience and an opportunity to start a new life.

The efficiency of a house moving process depends on the level of self-organization and management, and of course, the professionalism of the moving service.

How to organize a smooth move-out and move-in without causing stress to the whole family?

Follow our guide for hassle-free house removals.

House Removal Checklist
1. Reason the changes
House moving usually only considers the physical relocation, yet the change of social circle makes it more challenging.

It is important to communicate with all the family members, providing the reasons and facts to support the house move; avoid an imperative tone, as it will not help matters.

2. Do the planning
Planning is the foundation for a successful move as it helps to stay organized and consider all important things.

The checklist should tackle every important aspect of the relocation – packing, utilities, transportation, unpacking, and paperwork.

It allows one to set a logical chain of events and keep the whole process under control.

Regardless of your own strategy, the removal company should also suggest their plan with the deadlines, as their professional view may work better.

3. Choose a removal company
The quality and professionalism of removal workers are the key to a smooth and trouble-free relocation.

When searching for the right company, check up on its essential requirements:

– Age and condition of the transportation inventory.
– Availability of general liability insurance, to cover all the possible damage and force majeurs.
– Experience of workers.
– Reviews and testimonials.

A properly-selected removal company will make a difference to the whole moving routine. Therefore, take your time and research all available options.

4. Organize the packing routine
Packing is one of the most tiresome activities; yet, with a bit of creativity and management, it can be fun.

First of all, categorize your belongings to declutter the space; throw away all the brick-a-brack from dusty shelves and leave only necessary things.

After you get rid of all the excessive stuff, there will be fewer boxes to manage, and thus, lower payment for their transportation.

Secondly, take care of the inventory:
– Buy boxes of different colours for all family members; children can get special funny stickers and individual labels for their boxes, or simply draw their special signs per each box.
– Scissors, bubble and wrapping foil, and sticky tape should be provided for everyone involved to manage the process faster.
The use of colourful tape, foil, and boxes will help both to organize the stuff and bring more fun to the activity.

5. Unpacking
Unpacking is the final stage of the whole removal routine. Provided you have followed a well-organized packing routine, the unpacking will take less time, and in the end, you will all enjoy the results.

House removal is an opportunity to enrich your life with new people, places, and emotions.

Make a plan, manage all the interactions, and bring in more colours; with such an approach the house removal will seem like an exciting experience, not a burdensome task.

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