Street food place on Welsh Row Coming Soon

The company behind two bar and restaurant venues in Nantwich is launching a new outdoor dining project – and creating new jobs.

The Dabber Group is converting the former Red Melon Indian restaurant on Welsh Row into an outlet called STREET.

It will be the third venue within group, which owns The Cheshire Cat and Firenze restaurants on the same road.

STREET has been influenced by the street vendors and outdoor food outlets from around the world.

Customers will be able to choose from Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican and American style Street food. Meals will be served in boxes ready to eat at tables inside the venue or take out.

Dabber Group director Louise Bastow said it will take the company’s employment to almost 70 people.

“It’s the third venue within the group but a very different offering to The Cheshire Cat and Firenze,” she added.

“STREET is a casual dining venue, serving street eats which have been influenced by the street vendors and food trucks from around the world.

“It’s something new and exciting for Nantwich which offers something different to a traditional restaurant set up!

“Very casual, quite an urban feel to the design and a focus on the fantastic flavours you would find in the many street food offerings in the UK and across the world.”

Seating will be provided inside and outside the venue.

“It’s very similar to a fast food operation but using quality ingredients, no MSG but plenty of flavour,” added Louise.

There will be a small bar area at the front for customers to wait for orders and have a drink.

Customers can sign up for the “Word On The Street” newsletters by visiting

You can also follow the project on Twitter @streetnantwich and on Facebook.


  1. Chris says:

    I ate here a few days ago.

    The most overpriced food in the whole of the region, maybe even the country. £5 for three of the smallest tacos I’ve ever laid eyes on. Then being charged £2 for a can of coke. Who in their right mind can justify £2 for a can of coke?!

    Then the noodles as mentioned. Tiny. You have Thai Taste in Crewe which is just getting bigger and bigger. Very rarely you don’t see people crammed in there at some point each night. Because the portions are normal and tasty for the price.

    It’s almost as if they think they can justify it because nobody serves this type of food in the region. Ridiculous mindset if this is the case, and I don’t see any other reason why anybody would charge what they do other than for this reason.

    If they don’t change their pricing strategy before the up and coming Jazz & Blues fest (halving the prices of everything would make it more acceptable) then they will be out of business within a matter of weeks, guaranteed. I’ve already told 10 people not to eat here, imagine if the entire area was to think the same (and they will).

  2. Wish says:

    My family ate there on Friday. I’m all for more good and varied eating experiences in Nantwich. Pity it’s over priced. My husband had noodles£7 but was left feeling not quite full. A burrito is £7 then £2.50 for chips, £2 for soft drink.. All this and no table service. That is a £10 meal for a takeaway
    Guys you really need to think about your pricing for a takeaway.. Or you won’t last ,

  3. Tom says:

    Why all the negativity? At least people are trying to bring a new and interesting idea to the town and creating jobs at the same time.
    It’s very easy to sit back and criticise. Much harder to actually invest time and money to bring something new to a town full of Chinese/Indian/Italian/Kebab eateries.
    What do the complainers want? Even more charity shops and hairdressers?

  4. Les & Carol says:

    Had a glimpse yesterday of the interior and the new menu, wow.
    You will not be dissapointed and the interior is full of surprises.
    Really looking forward to the official opening next week

  5. Alice says:

    To me this sounds great, more businesses opening means more jobs available for the people of Nantwich! Better this than an empty shop front. Judging by the menu and facebook page this is aimed at evening and daytime diners, not post night club feasts. Certainly won’t be a takeaway in the same way Pizza Parlour or Varieties is.

  6. Louise says:

    This is really bad news for Nantwich, especially for Welsh Row and the surrounding area.There is already an abundance of ‘eat-in’ and take-away businesses in Nantwich.
    The whole country is a disgusting rubbish dump already – everywhere we go there is litter in our towns and on our country roads – along verges, in fields, in hedges, in trees – everywhere one looks. We would have a beautiful country if it was not for the thoughtless, irresponsible people who ‘chuck away’ packaging off all manner out of cars windows, instead disposing of it responsibly. This will, without doubt, to add to the problem.

    • AP says:

      The number of fast-food outlets is not responsible for fly tipping. The idiots who choose to dump their litter rather than putting it in a bin are. Even if there were half the number, these people would still get their food somewhere and then throw the packaging away.

      The answer is either to focus on prosecuting these people, or (more realistically) focus on ensuring the packaging quickly bio-degrades so that at least it disappears.

    • Grammar Police says:

      Heads up – we generally call “eat in” places “restaurants” or “cafes” in the English-speaking world

  7. Jason says:

    Sad that this group is buying up everything and delivering a monopoly on low par service in Nantwich – why not let other businesses move in and concentrate improving your current operations.

    While the concept sounds good it looks like it is to be aimed at fallout from Nakata and the Cheshire Cat so my advise would be to avoid late Friday and Saturday to avoid getting slober in your chimichanga!

    • Ed p says:

      Sounds like a bit of jealousy to me 😉 😉 think it’s a good idea and something a bit different which the town needs. I wish them all the best and if your that unhappy don’t go near the place.

  8. Phil says:

    Great just what we need more take away litter in the town. Not sure the so called night time economy adds much to Nantwich!

    • Grammar Police says:

      Other than the money part? The good news is you got the following phrase in correct (sorry, too easy):

      “take away” = takeaway
      “so called” = so-called
      “night time” = nighttime
      “Great just what we need more” = Great, just what we need! More…

    • james says:

      You sir, are an idiot.

  9. Neil Imby says:

    Sounds like great news – but I hope the takeaway boxes are biodegradable, because some of them will end up on local road verges!

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