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Furious parents in Nantwich have hit out as a video shows the dangerous traffic conditions outside a primary school in Stapeley.

The video, taken by a parent battling to get to Stapeley Broad Lane Primary School, shows vehicles mounting pavements and forcing parents and children into the middle of the busy A529.

The road is regularly clogged up with school and passing traffic at peak hour – and despite plans for a new school car park first launched three years ago, nothing has materialised.

The film on the Protect Stapeley Facebook page, which can be seen here, shows how cars and vans are mounting pathways and driving full length along the narrow footway.

The chaos left one mum and her young son having to walk to school by weaving in and out of vehicles in the middle of the road.

School mum Lucy Ward, who filmed the video, said: “It’s another Stapeley Broad Lane school run…another tragedy waiting to happen.

“This video was taken whilst my car is stationary, engine off.

“The vehicles you see have no choice but to mount the pavements – towards the end of the clip you see one of the parents and her child caught up in the middle of it all.”

Reaction was swift from furious parents.

Another mum Helen Hewitt said: “A disgrace that Cheshire East continue to ignore this danger as they can’t be bothered to deal with the situation.”

And Kim Madka added: “This is ridiculous now! Not sure how they can ignore this any longer!”

Julie Lilley added: “Cheshire East, I believe, have no interests whatsoever with regard to child safety otherwise they would have had a plan in place long ago.”

And Stuart Manning said: “Awful is not a strong enough word here! I’ve not seen it this bad for a very long time.”

It’s believed legal complications around land ownership between the diocese and Cheshire East have caused delays to the school car park.

We contacted Cheshire East Council for a response to the video over a week ago. We are still awaiting a comment.


  1. Jim Royle says:

    Car park! Spend the money on education, not car parks for parents!

  2. I think you will find that a lot of people did not choose Broad Lane as their first choice, but were allocated a place because Pear Tree is over subscribed. Unfortunately we are not all in the luxurious position of not going to work and having the time to walk everywhere!

  3. Samantha Wilson says:

    Is this what I will have to put up with in September?? Can’t wait for even more stress that we will have to be put though. My third child is due to start at the school in Septmeber. I have my other two children at a school 5 minutes walking for my home but sadly I couldn’t get my third in. I want to walk my children to school as I did everyday but sadly St Annes and Cheshire East have put pay to that. So if my appeal fails I will have to drive. Not by my choice.

  4. Lesley Morris says:

    Come on common sense someone take the lead ,WALKING BUSES!! Parents can and should do this for the greater good, what is the point of moaning for all these years and putting up with this being such a danger to children even now.

    • I agree. Surely it is possible for someone to arrange for a bus to run children to the school from a more central place in the town. It may have to make more than one journey, but it is only a 5 minute drive.

  5. Sarah Jane says:

    No change there then! Its been like this since I was at the school! I even remember being involved in a bump there. So much for Wain Homes and their people saying that its not a busy road and that the proposed housing build behind my house near Brine Leas and its access road would not pose a problem ….. I would like them to spend a week each month living with this traffic! We live with it every day. Unfortunately Susan, its not always possible to do that when you have to drop kids off at school, Nursery and head straight to work. In This day and age alot lot of people have no choice but to drive their kids too school.

  6. for goodness sake. Walk to school with your children or park a suitable distance away and walk them the rest of the way. Having children does not give you the right to have a car park just for you.

  7. Susan Beech says:

    Parents within a three mile walk should not take their cars. Prams & pushchairs for small toddlers accompanying older sisters & brothers to school should be fine. Parents should lead the way towards a healthier Britain. If you can’t afford the time, just go to a closer school which may not be as good. You can’t have it all ways!!

    • So every 3 mile journey or less you walk Susan? Very impressed. I’d love to do that but as a working Mum I don’t have the time. I think that goes for a HUGE % of people who need to work. We drop our kids off and drive straight to work. On the days my husband takes my daughter to Broad Lane then I will walk or cycle to walk. We pay our taxes and this danger is not acceptable. I did actually first apply to Pear Tree School…as it was walking distance, unfortunately we didn’t get in as it was over subscribed (the Council got that wrong, allowed too many houses for too few school places…the school was subsequently extended).

    • Kevin lowther says:

      What an ignorant response!

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