parking and driving on South Crofts

Residents on a narrow Nantwich street fed-up with cars driving and parking illegally on footpaths, are to meet with highways bosses.

Families on South Crofts have flooded Cheshire East with complaints, saying shoppers are parking there and forcing other motorists to drive on pavements.

They say motorists and delivery drivers who need access are now refusing to drive down the road as they would have to do it illegally by mounting footpaths.

And one resident said pedestrians with pushchairs and children have complained about feeling “intimidated and endangered” by cars on pavements.

Now highways managers are to stage a public meeting in a bid to resolve the issues along the two-way stretch of road.

All residents on the street have been invited to air their views at Brookfield Hall in Nantwich tonight (September 24).

Paul Traynor, strategic commissioning manager highways for Cheshire East Council, said in a letter to residents: “We’ve been approached by local residents and the police regarding a long term resolution to the current parking difficulties on South Crofts.

“It is recognised the parking is both by residents and shoppers, with the use of this area by shoppers considered inappropriate given the level of parking provision in the town.

“The council is mindful of the sensitivities regarding any resolution.”

He told residents in the letter that there was “an opportunity” to resolve it which could be “of interest to all parties”.

The meeting is set to take place tonight at Brookfield Hall, Shrewbridge Road, starting at 7pm.

South Crofts parking and cars


  1. Shirley Robinson says:

    unfortunately all the residents weren’t invited to this meeting! My mother has lived in south crofts for 44 years and did not know that this meeting was taking place

  2. Living off South crofts myself I can understand everybody’s frustration, this will be an ongoing problem in my eyes with no viable solution! Where do people park now who once parked on millstone lane before the double yellow lines? Hawthorn avenue, laburnum avenue? Even Crewe road! SOUTH CROFTS!

    I pay my road tax, council tax and struggle to park even close to my own house! Not to mention the sarcastic notes left from local residents who accuse me of ‘shopping’ or ‘working’ And the inadequate parking tickets because I was parked 4″ over a dropped kerb! Well said about the pot holes and the inadequate lighting as this does not help the situation.

    I can see both sides to this like I said but it is very frustrating for me! Why should this be our problem? The EMPTY car park behind me wants an unrealistic amount per month as I guess they want it to fail so they can then apply for planning permission to build.

    We have the BT exchange, can the council not approach them and actually spend some money on something the town needs?

    • Despite what many people seem to think, nobody has a right to park outside or close to their house. If there isn’t enough room to park in a particular street, and people really want to park outside their door, then they shouldn’t buy/rent a house there.

  3. It’s a pity that residents of Bowling Green Court weren’t informed of the meeting. They are regularly inconvenienced when South Crofts residents park in front of their garages!

  4. Perhaps if they had listened to the residents of millstone lane about adequate parking solutions there it would have made the entire area better.

  5. Kathy Gardner says:

    Having used this road as pedestrian on many occasions I have been subject to almost being knocked down by cars mounting the pavement because the road isn’t wide enough to accommodate the parked cars and a passing vehicle. Sometimes I have my young grandchildren with me and I think it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.

  6. There should be no parking on this road at all regardless of whether it’s residents or shoppers, it’s obstruction of the highway. There are parking spaces for rent to the rear of the houses which don’t have off road parking. The council need to enforce before someone is injured by vehicles being forced onto the pavement.

  7. I regularly go along this stretch of road during training runs. Personally, I find the biggest hazard is the large number of potholes on the road. It is a particularly hazardess at nightfall, as the street lighting is inadequate.

  8. If the road isn’t wide enough to allow two vehicles to pass without going on the pavement then put down some double yellow lines.

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