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Dear Editor,
Cheshire East Council’s recent Cabinet meeting was held just a couple of days after the devastating news that Crewe’s major employer, Bentley Motors, was looking to shed up to 1,000 jobs at its flagship Pyms Lane factory.

Incredibly the Council’s Leader, Cllr Sam Corcoran (pictured), who was chairing the meeting, did not think to mention this hugely important news once during the whole length of it.

Knowing that Wistaston Ward, represented by Cllr Weatherill and myself, has a high number of people living in it who are directly affected by the Bentley announcement I wrote to Cllr Corcoran asking that both we and councillors from adjacent Wards, receive regular briefings and update on this very grave local situation.

I also specifically asked him: “Will you set up a task group to include those of us Ward Councillors who are likely to have a large number of residents affected by current situation at Bentley?”

In his written reply to me Cllr Corcoran said: “We are currently working with Bentley to understand their future planning and will of course be able to keep Ward Councillors briefed as these plans develop.”

To date no such briefing has landed in my inbox and the ‘royal we’ does not include ‘we’ local Ward Councillors.

My request for a Member Task Group has been completely ignored.

This issue is of huge importance to the Crewe area and Cheshire East’s economy as a whole.

Is Cllr Corcoran so insensitive that he cannot see that his reply is totally unsatisfactory?

Cllr Corcoran has given me the brush off and it is just not good enough.

Is he really so insular that he cannot or does not wish to work with elected councillors who don’t happen to belong to his current administration?


Cllr Margaret Simon
Cheshire East Councillor for Wistaston Ward

Margaret Simon
Margaret Simon


  1. Cheshire East is a large area. You can imagine there is a lot of companies in trouble. A lot of towns asking for help. A lot of worried people losing their jobs. A task force for this one company ran by Cheshire East would be a bad use of limited resources. I have no political leanings. But Cllr Margaret Simon should stop expecting other people to do her job for her so she can winge about it when its not done. Contact your affected colleagues. Form a group. Contact Bentley and start a conversation with them directly. Tired of political point scoring like 5 year olds.

  2. I thought the whole point of Bentley being allowed to close Pymms Lane was to secure jobs.

    Time the council stopped bending over backwards for businesses who demonstrably will do exactly what is best for them regardless of what assurances have been given to the council.

  3. Richard froud says:

    Same old story they are more interested in Macclesfield than Crewe

  4. Totally agree, any job losses from any employer in these difficult times ,could and will have a devastating effect on the local economy, not surprised from this council though that they seem totally unaware of this,or worst still not bothered.

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