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Dear Editor,
Many grass verges in Crewe have been cut to pieces by vehicles parking on them or driving over them.

They are an unsightly mess. A blot on the landscape.

It is one of the reasons I am standing in two by-elections in Crewe West on the 6th of May.

I will press for the grass verges to be reinstated & protected…….. or made into hard standing for additional parking, whichever the residents prefer.

Badly rutted, muddy grass verges would not be accepted for 10 minutes in places like Alderley Edge or Wilmslow, so they should not be allowed to remain for decades in Crewe, where they deface and devalue the local communities and properties.

All the people in Cheshire East pay the same Council Tax so there should not be better services in the posher areas of the Borough.

Crewe’s Labour Councillors, both Borough and Town, have totally failed to stand up for Crewe residents.

Crewe needs Councillors who will ‘Put Crewe First’.

If Crewe residents keep voting Labour or Tory NOTHING will change and the cycle of decline will continue.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester
Candidate Crewe West
Putting Crewe First

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  1. des thorley says:

    Wow you said it right there, we need more pride, not less. Be gone the silly patches of mud grass and weeds, in comes seating, trees, rocks and community led ideas, not parked vans and cars causing the area to look shabby.
    Why is the now normal state of grot allowed to continue decade after decade, no wonder nobody wants to live here

  2. Martin Bond says:

    Brian Sylvester, someone who can tackle our really important problems.

  3. Once again, this man gets as much publicity as he apparently seeks. A personal vote grabber with an unsubtle little addition of let’s face it a minor subject in the great scheme of things currently.
    Please stop giving this unimportant man an important space in your pages.

    • Redmond Taylor says:

      Why is the idea so ghastly to you? How are you feeling more important than him, I wonder how much time you have invested in community help…… Oh non I thought so.

      It is easy to be negative, very easy takes no real though or action

      Yes blight is everywhere churned up grass, cars parked as if they were dumped, litter everywhere you look in laybys and country lanes, dog owners lobbing dirt bags into trees.

      The list of selfish lazy acts goes on and on

      What we need is more pride, hell that is cheap, more personal responsibility, , the bedrock of civilisation and more ideas.

      Here is my idea, dig up the grass, replace with rocks to give a more natural look to a landscape with no maintenance what so ever!!

      Now do you have your own ideas?

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