damage caused by fire on brookfield park

Police and fire chiefs are appealing for witnesses to track down arsonists who piled up rubbish and started a large fire in a Nantwich park.

The incident happened in Brookfield Park off Shrewbridge Road – a site which has suffered some anti-social behaviour in recent weeks.

It’s believed culprits clambered into nearby allotments and dragged large wooden pallets and other items into the park to start the blaze.

Newly planted trees were also pulled up and thrown on to the fire.

One resident who lives nearby said: “It was a substantial fire which needed two fire engines.

“Pallets from composters had been stolen out of the allotments and set alight with the newly planted trees, which had just about survived the previous attacks, pulled up and thrown on the fire.”

fire on brookfield parkThe incident happened at around 10pm.

A Cheshire Fire Service spokesperson said: “On arrival the crew found a quantity of rubbish well alight.

“One hose reel jet was used to extinguish the flames.

“It is believed that this fire had been started deliberately.

“Anyone with information is asked to call Cheshire Police on 101 quoting IML 969668.”

We revealed last week how angry residents, councillors and environmental groups hit out at the vandalism and damage on the park.

New trees have been deliberately damaged, broken glass left strewn around the park including the children’s play area, and piles of rubbish dumped.

Nantwich Police say they have stepped up patrols around the area.

(Images courtesy of Nantwich News reader)

brookfield park rubbish fire


  1. Gone Fishing says:

    the police have stepped up their patrols …. now I feel really comforted. On the basis this is happening pretty much every night anybody in the police thought about driving past more than once before 12pm. How about the local authority installing some good cctv… how about encouraging residents to patrol to look after their neighbourhood when clearly the police have abandoned it. Oh wait , hold on, the kids only did this because they have had such a hard upbringing and they have nothing else to do… no problem all forgiven…please carry on.

  2. wolstej says:

    I feel really sorry for the residents of Shrewbridge Road, they have been enduring weeks of antisocial behaviour. It seems to me there is practically no police presence in Nantwich unless speeding down London Road counts as a ‘patrol’. Maybe it’s time for a boost in police numbers (or some vigilantes…)

    • Jane says:

      Spot on. There is no identifiable police presence in Nantwich. One wonders where they all came from when patrol cars were needlessly driving around last spring. Policing here is non existent. Cheshire police ought to be ashamed of itself.

    • Richard says:

      Unfortunately vigilantes will be treated worse than the actual criminals as usual. How long have been hearing reports of this. Gangs running down the cinder path when any police eventually do appear. We know this why do the police not?. Answer is because the public have zero faith in the police in matters that do not raise money. If they could catch cars speeding on the park as previously reported perhaps they would take more interest. We will I am sure still see nothing done as police do not view it as important

  3. we hope vigilantes dont step up there threat

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