snow hill toilets in nantwich

Councillors in Nantwich want to hear the public’s view – on whether to re-open public loos!

The town council has launched a survey to see whether there is support for the refurbishment and reopening of the Snowhill public toilets in the town.

All residents, local businesses and visitors can complete the short survey.

Public toilets used to be open on the Snowhill car park, and in 2012 Nantwich Town Council took over ownership and management of them from Cheshire East Council.

But because of the condition of the block, the toilets were later closed.

A council spokesperson said: “Over recent years the Town Council has considered options to re-introduce a toilet provision in the location.

“But it should be noted that councils are not obliged to provide public toilet facilities.

“Furthermore, any expense related to any re-introduction would need to be covered by a proportion of residential Council Tax.”

In November 2020, experts were brought in the assess the structure of the building and recommend design options for replacement or refurbishment.

To fund the project, Nantwich Town Council says it would need to raise £79,000 for the work, and then around £12,000 each year for maintenance.

The £79,000 could be paid by the council’s current capital reserves, but the annual maintenance would need to be paid through a rise in Council Tax precept.

Overall, a Band D household would contribute 11 pence a week or approximately £6 per year to the maintenance of the toilets.

The survey can be completed online at or alternatively hard copies are available to pick up from Nantwich Civic Hall.

Completed surveys should be returned back to the Civic Hall no later than October 29, 2021.

For more information visit where you can also find the link to the survey.


  1. Whats wrong with the Nantwich Town Council Comfort Scheme? It’s still active on their website.

  2. Upuli Wijewardene says:

    Are there any toilets at all now in Nantwich? There were some near health centre and home bargains, but first one don’t exist anymore and second one closed. We need properly maintained loos in Nantwich for sure. 20p charge will be OK, it has be paid by coins or card, better than having totally free toilets just to prevent vandalism. Thanks.

  3. Joan Proudman says:

    So happy to hear the toilets to be open again. I think people & visitor’s to the town did not know they were there so would it be a good idea if a sign was put on the wall of Home & Bargains to see we had toilets there.

  4. David Plant says:

    These toilets are needed and should be free to use. Otherwise don’t bother.

  5. what you want more than 42.5% tax

  6. The Observer says:

    Councillor A. Moran when wanting a town ranger declared cleaning the Loo,s would be their job along with picking up litter, is that still not the case?

  7. Graham Seward says:

    £79,000 someone’s having a laugh !

    They definitely need reopening as does the car park on Church lane !

    • Graham, I quite agree, I bet there are many builders around the town either laughing at this figure or wishing they were asked to tender. I wonder who was asked to price the project (Town Council – please feel free to respond!).
      £12k a year to maintain – I am amazed with the crazy things this Town Council funds that this should be an issue!.

  8. It should be open 24/7 with room for an onsite maintenance person to live rent-free, that way it will be a community asset, not some grotty facility as use is for residents and visitors keeping business active after long journeys to the town, the facility is essential so should be fee-paying to keep standards high, and totally refurbished to hotel standards. Sponsorship from businesses could be sought, I would start with the coffee shops!

  9. I would rather go home than ever use a public loo, however, they should be provided for a fee, and £1 per use seems fair, you could always reduce it for those who are unable to afford it, but I doubt a well-run facility would cause offense, not when you factor in the cost of parking then getting a coffee in town, if you want the best and find only grot, then something has to give

    • A pound to have a pee. A delusional suggestion. How can you reduce a coin operated toilet door for someone that can’t afford your suggested pee-price? A nonsensical suggestion.

    • The Observer says:

      Are you deluded? A pound to use the loo, just wait till your prostate starts playing up in old age.

      • These would be staffed obs. You twit, I wonder why we need this given cafes etc are paid £4k a year to provide comfort stops, is it because the signage does not say don’t be afraid to use them as the council pay not the cafe as such

    • Upuli Wijewardene says:

      Haha a pound to use the loo? We must have the most expensive wee lol

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