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Technology is a constantly shifting application of knowledge that affects all areas of modern life.

Here in Nantwich, it has a bearing on every aspect of business and commerce.

The latest tech has transformed how all of us work and experience life. Customers can now easily seek out the best ways to find exactly what they need locally.

A major part of this can be explained in two words; the internet. Online activity has completely changed how all of interact with business.

This has altered how industry works across the world, including here locally.

The speediest connections are made with the best quality of fibre internet.

The news that Nantwich will soon be equipped with the fastest available internet speeds, improved 5G availability and better value prices offers all industries a promising prospect going forward.

Here is a selection of industries that rely on technology to succeed.

Brewing is one of the world’s oldest technologies, but it has by no means stood still.

Breweries are now making use of the latest tech to offer customers a different approach to experiencing the best in brews.

The ancient craft of making beer has recently been linked with emerging technology such as artificial intelligence.

AI can enhance beer recipes and optimise the production. Utilising technology to increase sustainability and ethical sourcing of ingredients is also made possible.

In Nantwich, the possibilities for the local brewery market making use of such new tech are potentially limitless.

There is a fine selection of breweries in the town, including Beer Dock, that all use advanced technology alongside tried and tested methodology.

Entertainment across the world had been completely changed since the advent of super-fast broadband internet.

This is also true locally, with online gaming options exploding in popularity.

All sorts of online games including classic poker games are now available in high-quality and reliable forms.

Technology is vital to the enjoyment of online gaming. The regular updates of new ideas and games are evidence of the continued demand for online gaming.

The improvements promised by the recent overhaul of the local broadband services mean that online entertainment options will continue to be much in demand.

As well as gaming, video streaming and home cinema have also changed how many of us experience home entertainment.

This is set to continue as more of the entertainment industry becomes part of the online world.

Shopping and the High Street
Technology has transformed how we shop everywhere throughout the world.

In the UK, a significant part of all shopping is done online. Over 2020, 87 percent of UK households made purchases online over the preceding 12 months.

Technology has then had a profound effect on shopping habits.

Indeed, many new and enterprising projects are flourishing thanks to the heightened connections that online behaviour can offer.

The Future High Streets Fund has been welcomed as a way to regenerate the nearby centre of Crewe to attract new digital business.

It is an appealing sign of how local business and industry can harness new ideas to continue to develop.

Employment and Tech
The recent technological boom across the whole of the UK including the North West of England has led to a significant rise in the demand for tech centred jobs.

10% of all UK job vacancies are now tech jobs. This details the strength and resilience of the digital economy.

This has also been seen in Nantwich, with the recruitment industry recording a major boost of hundreds of available jobs across the area. Digital professionals are in demand across the country.

Technology also offers jobseekers the tools to highlight their skills and experience to employers.

By logging onto mobile apps and employment sites individuals can contact firms with the click of a button.

While traditional job ads still exist, new tech certainly speeds up the process.

Farming and Technology
‘Vertical farming’ is the practice of growing crops indoors.

The largest training centre for the new sustainable farming method is at the Reaseheath College and University Centre in Nantwich.

The new farming method can yield far greater returns from smaller spaces. It is a 21st Century initiative that is expected to deliver big results thanks to technology.

Innovation is integral for faming to work with the increased demands of the environment and society.

With this technology, local industry will benefit from the new ideas and working methods.

Education in Nantwich
Education and the service industries are among the biggest employers in Nantwich. They too have benefited from the latest technologies.

The classroom today uses a range of specific technological items to help students research and broaden their horizons.

Computers, apps and smartphones – when properly monitored – have all been welcomed into studies to aid with the interactive learning of a subject.

New tech has also helped teachers with their study plans and lessons.

New software has offered staff the chance to outline rich and detailed lesson guides for use in and out of the school.

There are also varied ways to assess students’ understanding and development throughout a course.

Real-time feedback taken even as a lesson is progressing can aid both students and the teacher.

As it is, education is another industry that looks set to continue to develop thanks to technology.

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