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Many people’s exercise habits have changed during COVID-19 and many have found that working out at home to be a great way to stay in shape.

This is why many people are now creating their own home gyms.

But how can you go about creating the right kind of space for your workouts?

Create the Right Vibe
Some people will want to create a peaceful, relaxing space like a yoga studio while others will want to turn their space into somewhere that they can feel motivated and energetic.

It will depend on the space that you have to work with, but decoration can play a major factor in how your workout space feels.

Choosing the Right Area
There are many rooms or spaces that you can use as a home gym.

The basement, loft, summer house, spare room or even the garage can be transformed into somewhere that you can workout.

You will need to consider what kind of exercise you will be doing whether it will be heavy weights (perhaps not ideal for the loft), yoga or mainly cardio.

For many people, music is an essential factor when working out.

With a home gym, you have the luxury of being able to pick your own music without the need for headphones (just be mindful of the neighbours!).

This can help to set the atmosphere in your workout space and you can create your own playlists or find good workout ones on Spotify.

Keep Things Neat & Tidy
You will want to keep your home gym area neat and tidy at all times.

Not only will this keep it looking its best, but it is also important for safety reasons as you do not want trip hazards in an area that you are exercising.

If you have a difficult space, you can use modern fitted wardrobes to make the most out of the space and see a few items safely stored.

This should be a storage unit with a mirrored finish, which will help you to keep an eye on your form while exercising.

Must-Have Equipment
When building a home gym, you need to invest in high-quality equipment for health, wellbeing and safety.

The equipment that you need will depend on the kind of workouts that you plan on doing, but a few basic pieces of equipment worth having include a spinning bike, pull-up bar, medicine ball, resistance bands and a yoga mat.

If you have plans on setting up your own home gym then this post should help you to take the first step.

It is important to create a space that will be suitable for the kind of exercise that you want to do and be able to match the atmosphere that you want to create.

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