Beam Street - Swine Market-Oat Market refurb close to completion - Oct 2022 (1) (1)

Plans to re-surface Beam Street in Nantwich town centre have been delayed until 2023, Cheshire East Council has confirmed.

The announcement comes after Highways teams completed the 18-week “footway improvement scheme” on the street between junctions with Manor Road and Waterlode.

At the start of the scheme in June, the authority initially said it would resurface the road before re-opening after the scheme was finished.

But on Monday it was re-opened anyway without any re-surfacing.

Nantwich News questioned this on Monday and CEC has so far failed to respond.

But in a statement published on its website, the council says: “We have enhanced pedestrian and road safety and have upgraded the zebra crossing, installed new kerbing, and improved the central island.

“The work will now take a break in the lead up to Christmas whilst we prepare to complete the resurfacing work.

“We will be resurfacing Beam Street from B5341 Waterload (sic) to B5074 Barony Road in early 2023.

“It will take a few weeks to complete under phased road closures.

“Local businesses will remain open as usual and we will inform those who will be directly impacted by the works.

“We will update this page when the dates have been confirmed.”

Nantwich News contacted CEC and asked why workers have re-lined the highway when it is going to be re-surfaced, and why it was not completed in line with the original schedule.

(Images by Jonathan White)

Beam Street and High Street - footway scheme


  1. Mark Burrows says:

    Just walked through the newly paved area and it’s covered in food, litter, and vonut, looks an utter mess

  2. L Henderson says:

    New kerbing installed, but no raised kerb at the bus stops for the elderly or disabled to disembark/embark the bus.

  3. Simom Marsden says:

    Not surprised it took 18 weeks…the highways guys spent most of their time in the truck cabs or leaning on barriers

  4. It’s easy to see why both sets of work were not carried out at the same time,the council can not organise a pee up in a brewery.
    To have the town centre shut for this many weeks for just pavement replacement, which will look absolutely terrible in a matter of weeks due to stains and cracks caused by delivery trucks on the pavement, not to mention the rest of the pavements in the town which have just been left,especially in and around the bus station.

  5. Well I am not surprised you received no answer!. Am I alone in thinking that the work completed does not justify the time the area was closed?.
    It is good that the centre has been opened but it is at a time when reaching Nantwich, especially from the Chester/Wrexham direction is so massively difficult. The roadworks at the end of Welshmans Lane has traffic queuing back to Bluestones lights and for some reason the lights at the Aqueduct seem to have been re-phased only allowing 5 cars through from Chester direction at a time leading to backed up traffic almost back to Bluestones again!!. What a place!!!!

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