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Cheshire East planners have recommended approval for up to 25 entry-level homes on a Bunbury site where permission for 15 homes was refused less than two years ago, writes Belinda Ryan.

In July 2021 the southern planning committee turned down an application from Roger Ryder to demolish a house called Parkside, on Bunbury Lane, and build 15 homes on the land.

A planning inspector upheld the council’s decision at appeal last April.

Now Mr Ryder has applied for permission to bulldoze the house and build up to 25 entry-level homes on the site and planning officers are recommending councillors approve it next week.

Local residents have sent 135 letters to Cheshire East opposing the scheme, and both Bunbury and Spurstow parish councils have objected.

Bunbury Parish Council argues nothing has changed since the appeal decision and that the scheme conflicts with the Cheshire East Local Plan and Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan and there is no presumption in favour of entry-level units.

Among the many other reasons listed by objectors is the claim the development will cause harm to the rural character of the village, harm amenity through overbearing, overlooking and loss of light and it will result in loss of open countryside.

New housing is not an acceptable form of development in open countryside unless it meets specific exception criteria, and the planning officer states in a report to next week’s meeting of the southern planning committee, there is clear conflict between different planning policies for this type of affordable housing.

The report continues: “Given the support for this type of housing within the NPPF (national planning policy framework) and the absence of any evidence suggesting the need for this type of housing has already been met within the borough, it is considered that the proposal is acceptable in principle.”

The report acknowledges the scheme would be contrary to the neighbourhood plan as it would be over the 15 dwellings threshold and would be co-located with other consented development.

But it adds: “The development would provide benefits in terms of providing 100% entry-level homes, a form of affordable housing and the delivery of economic benefits during construction and through the spending of future occupiers.

“On balance the benefits of the scheme primarily by providing entry-level homes, is considered to outweigh the harm though co-location and a higher concentration of properties in this part of the village.”

The southern planning committee meeting takes place at 10am on Wednesday, May 31, at Crewe Municipal Buildings.

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  1. Maybe Chris but I doubt it’s no coincidence that’s this is being attempted to be pushed through shortly after the council elections !

  2. Chris Moorhouse says:

    Mark. It is obvious you don’t know what you are talking about. Muir is a reputable provider of rented properties and have more powers to resolve any problems than Owner Occupiers. In the main these properties would be for local people, those who actually live in Bunbury.

  3. Cheshire east corrupt as can be, sommeone will have given them a golden hanshake, if its all affordable housing its probably muir housing, prepare to have your village full of scum bags as they don’t care who they house in them.

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