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What customers demand from a business usually changes based on the available technology, new buying habits, and many other factors.

But one way to keep business flowing in your ecommerce business is to embrace the right marketing techniques based on what is going on.

So what are the trends in ecommerce marketing that you should watch out for and embrace?

Below are seven of the most important ones.

Personalized Marketing
One thing about ads is that internet users generally don’t like them, although they also bring the most income to a business.

So how do you bridge this gap? Through personalized marketing.

There are lots of ads that consumers come across, and the obvious instinct is to brush through unless an ad seems useful to them.

Personalized marketing has been around for quite some time, and it’s not going anywhere.

You can use it to provide relevant offers, promotions, or advertisements to potential customers.

Personalized promotions can be quite effective for users doing an online casino comparison or generally comparing different digital services and platforms.

Video Content Dominance
The cliché saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has proven to be quite true when it comes to ecommerce marketing of today.

Marketing through video content has become quite popular as we are all glued to our screens and watching videos on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among others.

By taking advantage, you can create and share relevant video content with your targeted group.

Besides such videos, you can also take advantage of live streaming.

You can showcase your products or services through live streams, and you will be able to interact with customers in real time.

Beyond educating your customers, you will also be creating a sense of authenticity.

Social Commerce
Social media networks are no longer just a place where you’ll interact with friends and family and know what’s going on.

Today, they have become marketplaces where you can showcase or sell your products and services.

Networks like Instagram and Pinterest have a shop functionality that you can use to sell your products.

And on WhatsApp, there’s a catalog functionality where you can showcase your products and services.

If you take advantage of this, you’ll be able to reach new consumers and make the purchase process easy.

Beyond this, social media channels like Instagram can be a great place to post content relevant to your business and give loyal customers a closer insight into your business.

Using a service that allows you to Buy Instagram followers with a dedicated account manager can be an effective and stress free way to grow your social media accounts when starting out.

By doing this you can give your brand a more established, trustworthy image and help to push your content to new users through the recommendation algorithm.

Increased Use of Chat Support
Providing a contact number is necessary as your customers may need to reach out for clarifications or report issues.

However, most young users today will prefer to text rather than call.

As such, there’s an increased need for chat support. This means that if you offer the service, you will be significantly enhancing customer experience.

You can do it through live chat support systems, social media messaging, or a chatbot.

The latter is trending as it is easy to implement, and it will help you handle most service queries.

It can also direct users to real human support for things beyond it. However, if you’ve never added anything like this onto your site before, you may need some guidance as to how to do this. A resource like could be really useful here, as you can find tutorials on how to install plugins that will enable you to offer live chat to customers.

Influencer Marketing
Celebrity endorsements have been replaced by influencer marketing today.

This trend aligns with the fact that lots of people spend hours watching content on social media or just scrolling through feeds.

And since they usually have a sense of connection to an influencer that relates to them, they tend to trust influencer products more.

These are usually individuals who have already harnessed lots of loyal following on social media, and they seem more ‘real’ to consumers compared to traditional celebrities.

AR & VR Marketing
AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are increasingly being used by businesses in ecommerce marketing.

This is because unlike traditional stores where you can go and checkout items, customers typically have to imagine how something ordered online will look.

AR and VR help bridge this gap as they allow potential customers to visualize items first.

VR does this by allowing them to enter into a virtual environment, while AR brings the item into a user’s actual space.

For example, they can insert a piece of furniture into their living room and see what it will look like.

Sustainability and Ethical Commerce
We live in an era where environmental awareness is a part of being responsible.

And in line with that, people have started moving towards businesses that are socially and environmentally conscious, as well as inclusive.

Ecommerce marketing has of course not been left behind when it comes to this as average users are looking for products that align with their beliefs.

As such, ensure that you highlight your commitment to using sustainable sources, eco-friendly packaging, and ethical manufacturing practices.


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