new skate park at Barony in Nantwich

Police say they are aware of anti-social behaviour already affecting the newly opened skate park on the Barony in Nantwich.

Councillors and Crewe and Nantwich MP have voiced concerns about the problems just a few days after the park officially re-opened earlier this month.

Local police bosses updated Nantwich Town councillors on the issue at a meeting on Thursday night.

Sgt Claire Lloyd told councillors: “The new skate park appears to have caused more (anti-social behaviour) but will hopefully get on top of that.

“It seems to be the place to be for younger and older children, and there have been incidents.

“We are dealing with these and looking at CCTV footage to get on top of this. We will be speaking to a number of children’s parents.”

Dr Kieran Mullan told Nantwich News: “The skatepark is a fantastic new facility and I know the vast majority of residents will use it properly.

“But it only takes a small number of idiots to ruin it for others.

“It is really important that people report anti-social behaviour via the 101 phone number of online so we have the evidence we need to get action.

“Let’s hope we can nip this in the bud early on.”

A number of town councillors aired concerns about rising anti-social behaviour in other areas of the town, in particular around the Nantwich Lake.

Cllr John Priest, of Nantwich South Ward, said: “There is speeding and anti-social behaviour around Shrewbridge road and by the lake.

“It’s used as a speed track by bikers, and anti-social behaviour at the lake resulted in a serious assault.

“My constituents are asking where are the police and are they doing anything about it?”

Sgt Lloyd said inquiries were ongoing into the assault as officers try to identify the offenders.

She also confirmed a new PCSO is being appointed for the Nantwich South area in the next two weeks, and there will be more enforcement on speeding.

Insp Cliff Goodwin, also at the meeting, added: “We will up our patrols and focus attention on certain areas if we are seeing a surge in offences.”


  1. Why can’t you use technology 🙄 to sort this out use cctv with voice on it get someone to monitor the cctv at peak times then at first sign of anything get the cops in and remove them or serve a asbo order on them use the cctv as evidence to teach those losers a lesson thay need a few morons reck it for the good folks.

  2. Not the right attitude however given we are now in a negative vibe, I am surprised given the cost of this gig, cctv fitted was not factored in, seems it could be another expensive white elephant if the only use for it is a meeting place for scum to hang out with other deadheads

  3. It’s everywhere – every day is the same in willaston Lettie Spencer park. Drugs, threatening behaviour, foul language, littering, racist language and the list goes on and on …..

  4. It was always a certainty the skate park would be a magnet for antisocial behaviour, those things always are. But at least it give the local kids somewhere to take their drugs in peace.

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