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Dear Editor,
Cheshire Police are totally out of touch with the residents of Crewe.

Crewe residents want crime detected and criminals taken off the street.

Yet only 6% of crimes are detected… and Cheshire Police are spending £MILLIONS of our Council taxes on a vanity project that will have no impact on the record low detection rates.

Police Commissioner says that Crewe’s Police Station is falling apart and it leaks.

Why has it been allowed to get in that state?

Far cheaper to repair it than spend £MILLIONS of our Council taxes building a new Crewe Police Station, that is not even in Crewe and over TWO MILES from the town centre, on a site that has zero public transport.

How are the public without cars supposed to get there?

Crewe to get new smaller police station in town, says Crime Commissioner

Yours faithfully

Cllr Brian Silvester
Leader #CreweFirst


  1. Readers might be interested to know that nearly 11,000 more police officers need to be recruited just to bring police/public ratios back up to what they were in 2010, because the UK population has increased by 8% since then. The problem is made worse because of recruitment issues. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services has openly criticised the Metropolitan Police for recruiting officers who are functionally illiterate, and therefore are unable to complete crime reports (source: HMICFRS). There are only two police stations in the whole of Surrey (Reigate and Guildford) so maintaining a “police presence” in police stations isn’t high on policing priorities.

  2. Dear Brian

    Nantwich residents really care about Policing in Nantwich and the reopening of Nantwich Police station. Perhaps you should share your opinions with people who actually care what you have to say and live in Crewe?

  3. Gerard Winstanley says:

    Given past incidents perhaps Mr Silvester has good reason for wanting Crewe’s police station to be easily accessible?

  4. Let’s deal in facts, there will be a station in Crewe and then the question is why Brian omits this fact

  5. Once again a letter from a moaner,Brian it will be nearer your house saving you a drive second there will be a small station in Crewe, maybe you should do research I did mine and the whole site is going to be redeveloped but what’s the crime clear up rate in Crewe as opposed to the whole of Cheshire do you know? I do, much like West St and the accidents in the last 3 years easy to find yet you don’t, as the voters what we want not what you opinion is and being pushed on us like drones

  6. How are the public without cars supposed to get there? thats the point they wont be welcome, i think it is a good location for a small task force to be close to motorway and main road links, but a ridiculous idea to take the police presence out of a town centre. amd replace with a remote building

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