road sign Station Road in wrenbury

Red-faced highways chiefs have said “sorry” over the horrific state of a busy road in Wrenbury, near Nantwich.

It comes after angry residents erected a sign on Station Road, warning drivers the road would “break their soul as well as their vehicle”.

Now Cheshire East Council has apologised and has pledged to carry out a full resurfacing of the road in April.

The £600,000 works have been several years in the making.

But the scheme was continually delayed and over-ridden by other works.

As revealed by Nantwich News earlier this week, the sign (pictured) was erected by the railway station.

Two years ago residents installed a “swear box” by the roadside, which made national headlines.

Today, Cllr Craig Browne, chair of Cheshire East Council’s highways and transport committee, apologised.

He said: “Naturally, we are fully aware of the condition of Station Road in Wrenbury and agree that it requires resurfacing.

“There will be a £600,000 scheme starting in April, which will significantly improve drainage to this location.

“The only alternative to waiting until April would be to resurface now at an additional cost of £65,000 only to have to do this again after the completion of the primary works.

“With our current budgetary constraints, this is simply not affordable. Additionally, all works need to be agreed in partnership with the Environment Agency and Network Rail.

“We apologise to residents and road users and would like to assure them that we are prioritising this work being carried out as safely and in as timely a way as possible.”

Hundreds of motorists who use that road daily shared and commented on our story earlier in the week.

pothole - Station Road in Wrenbury (1)
Station Road in Wrenbury


  1. I put in request to FixMyStreet last week (end January 2024) on the appalling pavements in the Wardle area CW5 and have just received an update stating they have closed my request, for these reasons and I quote “We have assessed the issue and added it to our improvement programme for repair over the longer term. This means we are unlikely to do any improvement work here during the current financial year. Our programme sometimes change if more funding becomes available. You should check our website for any updates. You can find details of the work planned for this location and where it currently sits on the programme through our website: https:/” THIS IS ABSOLUTELY APPALLING, GIVEN THAT PARTICULAR PART OF THE PAVEMENT I COMPLAINED ABOUT IS DIRECTLY BY A BUS STOP AND BEYOND AND HAS SLOWLY BEEN DETERIORATING AND PAVEMENT EDGING CLOSER TO LANDSLIDING INTO THE CANAL AND HAS BEEN STATUS QUO FOR SEVERAL YEARS. If I had worked as badly as Cheshire East Council/Councillors, I would have been sacked.

  2. Geoff Stockton says:

    Came down that road never again until it’s repaired

  3. Chuck Berry says:

    If they weren’t so greedy awarding themselves hefty pay rises, we wouldn’t have this problem. Also they have people in positions who are completely out of depth.

  4. Chris Moorhouse says:

    Prioritised because they have been shamed. The £82k pay rise they awarded themselves some 18 months or more ago could have done some remedial work.
    A new road hazard is the sunken manholes/other inspection chambers and poor reinstaments that are sinking.

  5. They are only saying sorry now that they have been shamed publicly, otherwise they wouldn’t have even given it a seconds thought

  6. Whats the betting the repair is poor quality and doesnt last. Cheap soft tarmac is what CEC specialise in

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