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Miffed off villagers in Wrenbury have created their own roadside sign – to warn motorists of the horrific state of the highway!

The sign, stating “This road may break your vehicle – and your soul”, has been erected by the side of Station Road in Wrenbury.

Regular users of the road – a busy rural connecting highway – have been waiting years for Cheshire East Council to carry out re-surfacing works.

Now they’ve lost patience and erected their own warnings of arguably one of the most neglected and poorly maintained stretches of road in the borough.

One resident added: “It will also break your bank when you car is wrecked.”

And some have even suggested everyone “chips in” to help pay as there are no signs of Cheshire East carrying out repairs.

One resident said: “The road is terrible and has been for some time.

“Cheshire East are clearly strapped for cash and can’t afford to sort it.

“So how much would it cost? Could we all chip in £20 and sort it out or are we talking mega money? Yes, I’m aware we pay tax etc and it should get fixed but it’s not happening so is this an option.”

It’s the first time the road has been highlighted as one of the worst in the region.

pothole - Station Road in Wrenbury (1)
Station Road in Wrenbury

It hit national headlines in June 2022 when residents placed a “swear box” by the “words pothole-riddled” road in Cheshire East.

And residents earlier that year also signed a petition and a formal complaint against Cheshire East when it emerged the authority diverted funds away from repairs.

Parish councils of Wrenbury, Marbury, Sound and Newhall met with Cheshire East highways put their case across in 2022.

Oly Lowe, of Wrenbury Parish, said at the time: “Highways had funding to undertake the repairs and resurfacing to this stretch of road last year (requiring two sections of drains to be repaired and the lengths resurfaced) – but the funding was reallocated elsewhere in the borough due to the road being designated as a low priority “unclassified road”.”

“Wrenbury is the only Local Service Centre in Cheshire East with no A or B roads.

“Hence ours roads are often appalling due to lower maintenance standards and maybe why the A530 road junction at the Aston end – a known deadly accident black spot – and two dangerous bends between Aston and Wrenbury, are permitted to persist.”

In 2022, a spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said: “We are currently programming work for this financial year on Station Road, Wrenbury, in collaboration with Network Rail.”

But that work has not been done, so we have contacted Cheshire East Council for comment and date for when repairs/resurfacing is likely. We await a reply…

(Image courtesy of Wrenbury & District Village Voice)

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  1. Where did you get the sign made, I need to get one for Wardle area, due to speeding vehicles on A51 to remind them there is a speed limit of 40mph

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