Nantwich South artist impression, Muller Homes

Housing developer Muller Property has submitted second applications for 189 houses and an access road for land in Stapeley, Nantwich.

The applications are almost identical to original ones submitted earlier in the year.

Now campaigners fear major developers will resubmit Government Minister Eric Pickles ruled last week that Cheshire East Council has failed to demonstrate a five-year housing land supply plan.

Muller wants to develop a 1,100-home “Nantwich South” village on land between Peter De Stapleigh Way, Audlem Road and London Road, which could include a school, village centre and business units.

But the plans have met fierce opposition from residents who say schools, roads and services could not cope with any more development.

Pat Cullen, who runs the ProtectStapeley campaign, said: “It is yet another example of how the cards are all stacked in favour of developers and how local residents have little say in what happens to their surroundings.

“Protect Stapeley will be vigorously opposing this application just as it continues to oppose the current application that is still under appeal.

“This is in response to the recent decision by the Planning Inspectorate that CE does not have a 5-year land supply – Muller’s revised documents now take this in to account.

“Apparently a number of Willaston applications that were originally refused have now been resubmitted.

“This “two-pronged” tactic is being used more and more by developers.  Muller has got one application under appeal – if he wins then he will withdraw the new application.  If he loses he will simply wait for the second application to come round and start all over again.

“I’m afraid development is not ‘plan-led’ like it should be, it’s ‘developer led’ – they seem to be able to decide where they want to build.

“Local residents don’t have a say about what happens where they live.”

A number of residents have already lodged their objections to the new applications on the Cheshire East Council planning portal.

Nantwichnews contacted Muller and is awaiting a  reply.



  1. Pat Robinson says:

    The Traffic Assessment is fatally flawed because it makes no mention of the increase in traffic levels because of the development at Stapeley Gardens. It also shows that the junction of Elmwood Way & London Road will not be able to cope with traffic levels from “Nantwich South” without substantial restructuring.

    Where are the residents of “Nantwich South” going to work? Not locally, that’s for certain – so more commuter traffic added to already over-crowded routes.

    The schools, doctors & dentists of Nantwich are already stretched to breaking point – how are they supposed to cope with an additional 1100 families?

    Nantwich is currently one of the “Jewels” of Cheshire East – however it is now facing the real risk of being swallowed by housing developments. If Muller win then how many more will follow?

    This development is neither needed nor wanted – get your objections in now so that we can make the local strength of feeling known.

  2. Alison Maynard says:

    The other week when roads were closed, as they often are due to railway maintenance workings. I had to park my car in the next village at 6am, so I could get off the estate for my work journey without joining the enormous queue at 8.30am. Peter de stapeleigh way and all roads around we’re gridlocked for ages!!!
    An emergency vehicle wishing to pass would really struggle. We are being held to ransom for huge profits in 5 bed homes, act now!!

  3. On a day when level crossing safety is in the spotlight this application is absurd. Also of note that the aforesaid level crossing has just been switched from manual control at the crossing itself to remotely monitored from Cardiff Signalling Centre.

  4. Malcolm Walker says:

    Yesterday I had a look at the Transport Assessments for the two applications. Apart from any other reasons, the developments should be rejected for two reasons :
    1) The adverse traffic impacts on Wellington Road and in the vicinity of the level crossing and the nearby roundabout.
    2) The Transport Assessment does show that traffic flows on Wellington Road would increase significantly but the document fails to consider the impact of the increase other than at the junction with Peter de Stapleigh Way. The interaction with the level crossing and the impacts north of Peter de Stapleigh Way don’t even get a mention. The application should therefore be rejected because the Transport Assessment is inadequate.
    Get your objections in!

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