Organisers say the Nantwich Spooktacular will go ahead despite heavy rain on the Showground.

Staff say they have reviewed the siting of the funfair on the field due to the recent spell of wet weather is quite wet.

The event boasts to be the North West’s largest firework display and is due to be held tomorrow (October 26) at Dorfold Park.

Just three months ago, the Nantwich Show had to be cancelled on the same site due to waterlogged ground and health and safety issues.

A spokesperson for Nantwich Spooktacular said: “We are very happy to say the event is on but we have made some internal tweaks.

“Car parking is available at Nantwich Football club and Malbank school car parks, however this is first come first served.

“Some parking at the event is now on the showground on hard surfaces. Follow the signs for directions.

“There is NO vehicle access at the public pedestrian entrances.

“Car parking is available on public car parks in Nantwich town centre and free shuttle buses will be running.

“They will begin at Nantwich Bus station and will call at Nantwich Baths and Nantwich Town football club.

“If possible please do car share or ask family and friends to drop you close by and take a short walk to the event.

“There will be NO drop off and collection afterwards outside the event gates as it will be too busy.”

Police and Cheshire East Council enforcement officers will be operating to ensure routes are not obstructed.

Gates open at 4.30pm for the event, there will be Punch and Judy, funfair, fancy dress competitions, former Signal star Emma Jones presenting and fireworks display by Blitz Fireworks from around 8pm.

Entry on the gate is £12 for adults and £10 for children.

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  1. Jack Slater says:

    All these pro firework comments miss the point, yes fireworks are great, they only last a while, but then we NOW have a minimum of three events a year to contend with, if this was a firework display only then it was disingenuous not to state there would also be loud BOOMS as well.

    There are better sites for this now, Comberbach Abbey springs to mind, folk could be bussed in for the event.
    Being more rural would not hinder Blitz plans to turn the event into Armageddon as they would like.

    No enough is enough, town council get some teeth on this!!! Dorfold Hall is too close to homes now

  2. Let’s not forget that the fireworks last for about 20 minutes once per year, and thousands enjoy the spectacular display, and it’s not late, being finished by 8.30pm.

    So come on folks, instead of whingeing and moaning let’s celebrate the fact that our wonderful town hosts one of the best (if not THE best) fireworks display in the whole North West.

    Well done to all those involved in organising a great annual event, especially with the weather conditions faced over the days prior to the show.

  3. I live 100yrd’s from the canal bridge i am fast approaching 60 and it was an AMAZING sight.

  4. Yes this was a most disgraceful event, in previous years there has been far less intrusion, but I felt quite sick hearing the booms as they entered my home with force.
    , they were a massive mental intrusion on a relaxing evening, so imagine how distressed the elderly or animals might have been

    The council need to investigate if this was breaking the anti social laws.
    Because it was pure greed over consideration for thousands in the area, and I am not that close to Nantwich.

    • Oh come on it was one event,the fireworks lasted for 15 minutes,not exactly the blitz.
      You chose to live in a town,which includes,bars,nightclubs and shops,these and events like last night help to maintain a vibrant place to live and enjoy

      • This event was utterly deplorable and broke anti social laws, in previous years (and I chose to live here years before this event anyway) there were fireworks to enjoy, that’s fine, what is not fine ARE THE BOOMS AND VIBRATIONS!!!
        Some houses were so close they had projectiles land in their gardens that could maim or damage property.
        No enough is enough, move it to a ground away from new build homes that are flooding the town now, it’s a different town from when this event started anyway

    • There is no need for any investiagtion. No laws were broken Do you really think that a pre-planned event which took place in the early evening and lasted at most 30 minutes breaks laws on anti-social noise?

    • I totally agree

  5. I totally agree. Did anyone consider the possibility that the horrendous noise could affect those suffering from PTSD never mind the affect on the local animals both domestic and wild?
    Not only did our windows rattle but the front door shook at one stage leaving my dog, never before affected, cowering in the bathroom.

  6. Micky Rourke says:

    The fireworks at this event this evening were truly terrible, the ferocity and noise was horrendous. The windows in one’s home actually rattled, and our dogs were in absolute bits, Its about time this venue started to consider its neighbours and surrounding communities, PRIOR to staging so-called ‘spectacular’ events – profit ahead of the community concerns and consideration seems to be the order of the day with this establishment over recent years.

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